Would you say ‘I do’ to a Center Parcs-themed wedding? This couple did…

How much do you love Center Parcs? A lot? Quite a bit? Enough to theme your entire wedding on Center Parcs? Well one super fan, Emily Wootton, has said “I do” to just that


Emily, 27, married her partner Steve, 33, on September 19 in a scene created from years of family memories accrued through a lifetime of short breaks.

Family tradition
Mum of three, Emily, says: “I’ve been coming to Center Parcs since I was two. My first ever holiday, with my parents, sister and grandparents, was at Sherwood Forest when it first opened. It soon turned into a tradition and we visit together every January.

“I introduced my now-husband, Steve, to Center Parcs and as our family has grown we’ve visited more and more. It’s just such a special place for me; it’s perfect for families and feels like proper time away. The thought of taking my children on a plane terrifies me, whereas Center Parcs is just a couple of hours’ drive and, most importantly, they absolutely love it.”

Speaking to Emily it’s clear she’s an avid fan of the Center Parcs experience and understand just what benefits a short break can bring to families. But why theme your wedding around it?

“I revolved my wedding around my family and what we love doing together: we love coming to Center Parcs and spending quality time as a family”

It was simple, says Emily: “I revolved my wedding around my family and what we love doing together: we love coming to Center Parcs and spending quality time as a family. Center Parcs has been part of my life since I was two years old; it was an intimate wedding with 35 people, everyone there at some point has been on a break with us.

Inspired to book
“The wedding guests loved it. People were asking ‘What does this mean?’ ‘Where’s this from?’ The little touches, such as the acorns and table names sparked interest. A couple of guests have even booked a break since my wedding.

“But by far the highlight has to be my wedding cake.” The five-tier cake, designed and created by Karon Flude of Karen’s Kakery, reflects Emily and her family doing what they love most: a Center Parcs break! “It shows us as a family, whizzing down the rapids, pedalling on a bike and, of course, Steve and I enjoying our hot tub!”

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  • http://www.karenskakery.co.uk Karen Flude

    Wow!! thank you for the mention. It was such a privilege to make this unique cake for an even amazing couple.
    I’ve loved working with Emily to help to create her dream cake, she had a clear idea of exactly what she wanted and I think between us we came up with something that showed her love for Centre Parcs.

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