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Year: 2019

2019 Winter Wonderland activities

Winter Wonderland has arrived across our villages last week and we have 12 brilliant festive themed family activities for you to try during your visit to the forest…

Recipe: Vegan Thai Green Curry

In honour of vegan month 2019, here is a recipe of a quick and simple green curry to try if you are trying to reduce the amount of meat in your diet,
a vegetarian or vegan, or just fancy an autumnal meal packed with veggies

Solve your dining dilemmas at The Pancake House

There’s a picture-perfect dish for all the family at The Pancake House. When you’re on your break, head there and let our food heroes save the day – your Instagram grid will thank you…

Winter Wonderland Firework Displays 2019

If you are visiting us in the forest during Winter Wonderland, then look no further for some tips and tricks on what you can get up to during the evenings of our spectacular firework displays

How to spend your extra hour at Center Parcs

On Sunday 27 October, the clocks go back and you get an extra hour to spend however you please. Here are our suggestions for making the most of those extra 60 minutes at Center Parcs

Action for all ages at Laser Combat

From sitting on the sidelines to centre of the action, what happened when the grandparents tried an activity they’d usually swerve? We join the Bartle family at Laser Combat to find out