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Year: 2020

Tips to beat Blue Monday

20 January 2020 marks “Blue Monday”. It may be dark and cold outside, but discover our guide to banishing the winter blues with our tips on beating Blue Monday

Recipe: Kedgeree

Kedgeree is traditionally a breakfast dish, but few of us have time to cook in the morning. Try this for a weekend brunch or evening meal instead…

What will you get up to this February half term?

If you’re joining us this February half term, we’ve got a range of activities for you to try, from the creative to the adventurous. Here are our top six activities you won’t want to miss out on

Together for Short Lives: a charity partnership update

Our charity partnership with Together for Short Lives launched in 2016, and we have extended our partnership for a fifth year. Discover how we have raised money so far and learn about our ambitious fundraising target for the future

Start a self-care routine on your break

Away from the pressures of daily life, you have the headspace to kick-start a new self-care routine. Find inspiration at the Sports Plaza, Jardin des Sports or Aqua Sana Spa