5 reasons Center Parcs is perfect for under 5s

We go out of our way to ensure families have a relaxing break in the forest, with modern lodges nestled in the forest, a great choice of family-friendly restaurants and a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities that are stimulating and fun for little ones.


1. We’ve thought of everything (we think!)
If you’ve forgotten their favourite toy, ran out of nappies, or need to entertain them during meals, everything is taken care of at Center Parcs. For water-loving tots we’ve got it covered; you’ll find swim nappies and buoyancy aids at the Subtropical Swimming Paradise, while Aquatique has a selection of swimwear, inflatables and accessories. In our restaurants, you’ll find fun and educational activity sheets designed to keep them entertained while waiting.

If they’ve got extra energy to burn, some restaurants also have play areas while you can also find outdoor play areas in various places around our Villages.For an extra-special treat, our Village toy shop Just Kids has something for all ages and is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. In various spots in our Villages you’ll also find covered Buggy Parks, ideal for parking up during activities and meal times without the worry.

2. Dining options for everyone
We understand that little ones can often have a mind of their own, especially when it comes to food. Whether they’re the fussiest of eaters or don’t want to wait, there are many options to choose from. Baby food is free in all of our restaurants – so you don’t need to worry about bringing your own – while bottle-warming facilities are also available to ensure ease of feeding wherever you may be.

For toddlers and beyond, children’s menus with healthy and tasty dishes are available or, if they want what you have, some restaurants also offer half portions. Huck’s American Bar and Grill offer a children’s buffet, so they can help themselves without the need to wait.

“Baby food is free in all of our restaurants, while bottle-warming facilities are also available”

3. Home from home
From pushchairs and bouncers to toys and cots, short breaks with little ones can often mean packing everything but the kitchen sink. The good news is that at Center Parcs, cots and high chairs are featured in all types of accommodation. Need more than one? No problem! Just call Guest Services on your Village to arrange extras. Also in your accommodation you’ll find safety fire guards as well as stair gates in all two-storey Lodges.

4. Activities they’ll love
At Center Parcs, you’ll find a children’s activity programme that has been carefully designed to provide adventures for children of all ages and abilities. For the smallest guests, aged 3 months to 3 years, we have a variety of sessions including Crèche at the Den, Mucky Pups, and Baby Owls. Our Activity Den is Ofsted-registered, so you can feel confident leaving your child in our care, knowing they are in a happy and safe environment.

For little ones aged 3 to 5, there are a range of activities unique to Center Parcs, such as the tasty and creative Chocolate Chefs Academy, the fun and musical Teddy Bears’ Picnic, or the active and sporty Soccer School. Some activities are parent-accompanied while others allow your children to experience new adventures alone, which is great for building confidence and making new friends.

5. A safe environment for them to explore
Although our Villages are set within 400 acres of woodland, safety is at the forefront of everything that we do. Lee Jakubik, Center Parcs guest and father to Billy, aged 2, explains: “The atmosphere at Center Parcs is very unique. In reality, you’re in an open space surrounded by giant trees and lots of wildlife, but the mix of fantastic staff and serene environment puts me at ease.

“As a parent, being surrounded by this makes me relaxed enough to let go of Billy’s hand and allow him to explore and be curious. I feel completely safe.” From watching wildlife on your patio to exploring different trees and plants with our Rangers, the inviting surroundings of our Villages are the perfect place to let little imaginations thrive.

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  1. Avatar
    heather kirby

    Although we don’t have a baby in our family, it is very impressive to read that baby food is free in the restaurants! This particular blog about children would be really useful to the many families who enjoy Centerparcs, I’m sure. Keep up the good blogs!

  2. Avatar
    Kathryn Darkins

    Only 5 good reasons to visit, so many more. We came to Nottingham the year you opened with a 3 and 4 year old and were amazed how child friendly the place was. Those children are now 30ish. We still come and so do they. The feeling of security for all is very reassuring. Staff have always been so thoughtful and helpful. I cannot think of a better place to take children on holiday. The freedom the lack of cars gives once you are on site is very reassuring for parents. We always have a fantastic holiday.

  3. Avatar

    We visited Nottingham Centerparcs for the first time with our 2 year old at the beginning of September 2014 and we absolutely loved every minute of it. It was actually our Honeymoon and we chose Centreparcs with him in mind but we had the most brilliant time too! Every single staff member greeted us with a smile on their face, they loved making a fuss of our little one and it just made our holiday. So many great points but I’d be going on for a while! To put it simply, we will be coming back! Thank you Centerparcs !

  4. Avatar
    Amy Dickson

    Hi Jill, thanks for your question. At Center Parcs we’re committed to providing a family-friendly environment for all ages, and as such we are breastfeeding-friendly. In open areas, such as the Subtropical Swimming Paradise as well as some restaurants, including the Lakeside Inn, there are also dedicated areas for women to breastfeed if they would like some privacy. Hope that helps!

  5. Avatar
    Emily Daws

    I can’t wait to bring our toddler Henry to centre parcs he 18 months and will love it as will his 8 year old big brother. Hopefully we will get to come in spring looking to try new centre parcs Woburn have visited Elveden spa with my husband for wedding anniversary and can’t wait firall family to enjoy it all. So much to choose.

  6. Avatar
    Susan bickerton

    Hi, I’m due to visit your longleat village next week and currently express/ breast feed my 5 month old son. I have been told you have private rooms which will allow me to do this. Could you please give me list of these places so can plan in advance where available to do this? Many thanks Susan

  7. Avatar
    Susan bickerton

    Hi, I’m due to visit your longleat village next week and currently express/ breast feed my 5 month old son. I have been told you have private rooms which will allow me to do this. Could you please give me list of these places so can plan in advance where available to do this? Many thanks Susan

  8. Avatar
    Amy Dickson

    Hi Susan, thanks for your question. We have a number of newly designed breastfeeding rooms in key locations throughout the building, including The Plaza, Jardin des Sports and Subtropical Swimming Paradise. If you struggle to find a suitable place, or need an alternative, please contact any staff member during your stay and they’ll be happy to assist. Hope you enjoy your break!

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