VIDEO: Adventure of the Senses activity

Learn more about the new outdoor activity at Elveden Forest, and find out what our starring family thought

Can you guess the flavour of the jellybeans in the taste zone?
Can you guess the flavour of the jellybeans in the taste zone?
Can you guess the flavour of the jellybeans in the taste zone?
Can you guess the flavour of the jellybeans in the taste zone?

To celebrate the launch of Adventure of the Senses, we travelled to Elveden Forest to bring you a glimpse of our new outdoor activity. Armed with a cameraman and real family in tow, you can watch the Adventure of the Senses video now. Afterwards I caught up with the superstar family, Helen and Pete Marchant-Hawes, and their children Jake, 6 and Heather, 3, to get their review of our latest outdoor family activity.

What did you think to Adventure of the Senses?
Mum Helen Marchant-Hawes says: “We really enjoyed the activity and felt it was perfect the ages of Heather and Jake. It appealed to them both in different ways. Jake loved the physical side of it – the touch zone – putting hands into the jars and solving the puzzles. Heather liked the smell zone, in particular the part where you push on the gnome’s belly to guess the smell. She absolutely loved that and still talks about it now!”

“Another great thing was that Jake is currently learning lots about senses at school, sensory features heavily in the Key Stage One curriculum, so the new activity proved to be quite educational for him too. He even wrote a poem about it!”

Center Parcs is the colour of green.
It smells like the fresh air in a forest.
It tastes like a huge slice of apple pie.
It looks like adventures.
It sounds like laughing children.
It feels exciting, tiring, fun and happy.

What did you, as a parent, enjoy the most?
“I liked that we could all take part together,” says Helen. “The great thing about Center Parcs is the range of activities for all ages, which often means Heather will want to do one thing and Jake another so we rarely have the chance to take part in a family activity together.”

“In terms of the course, I loved the part at the end – the Sensory Walk – where you get blindfolded and led by each other. Just great fun!”

Who would you recommend Adventure of the Senses to and why?
“I would definitely recommend this activity to families, particularly if they have similar aged children to ours. It’s a real family experience and is something you can do together, it’s a chance to get that quality time.”

Visiting Elveden Forest soon on a short break? Book Adventure of the Senses now

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