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Author: Jessica Marshall-Pearce

Since becoming the Woburn Forest Press Officer in 2012 I have had the privilege of spreading the word on our fifth Village, from the planning, construction and recruitment to the nature, local engagement and operations. Get the latest on Woburn Forest with my monthly updates.

Why we’re helping a local woodland to win hearts and minds

Marston Vale’s community woodland, close to Woburn Forest, is given a £85k boost We’re giving the Forest of Marston Vale a helping hand of £85,000 to support the creation of a new woodland, Folly Wood at Lidlington. The Forest of Marston Vale is a community forest and environmental project, covering 61sq miles between Milton Keynes […]

Woburn Watch March: Your monthly insight into the build of Woburn Forest

‘Building’ has been a key term thrown around a lot since 2012; building the structures, building up the biodiversity of the forest and building the team. This month saw some amazing milestones in the build of Woburn Forest, including the final chapter of Jean’s journey to collect the tropical plants that will feature in the […]