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Author: Olivia Tomlinson

As Senior Marketing Executive at Center Parcs, I’m lucky enough to see all of the amazing pictures and hear the lovely stories that come from our guests. My family and I love having time together at Center Parcs. I'll share everything I know with you here.

Six ways to improve your life with an extra hour of sunshine

On Sunday 28 March, the clocks go forward an hour to mark the beginning of Daylight Savings Time. But instead of looking at it as a lost hour of sleep, think about the hour of daylight you gain in the afternoon. Use your bonus hour right, and you could improve your whole life

Spring at Center Parcs

Saturday 20th March marks the official start of spring! We talk to Ian Buck, our Grounds Services Manager at Woburn Forest about the forest in spring

In a world where most things are a battle – our Center Parcs break meant the world

Meet William. He’s a funny, bubbly little boy who loves the water. He has a mummy, daddy and little brother, Eli, who love him very much. Sadly, he may also have a short life. He has a serious condition called Angelman syndrome – a neurogenetic condition that causes physical disabilities, as well as having very severe epilepsy and life-threatening seizures. All this on top of a life-limiting lung condition too.

Fearne Cotton on what we can learn from nature

The broadcaster and author’s new book Speak Your Truth looks at how finding our authentic voice can make us happier and more fulfilled. In this extract, she describes the value of taking time to slow down and connect with nature

Staff stories: Margaret’s crocheted teddy bears

We’ve been hearing some lovely stories of how our colleagues who are on furlough have been spending their time, whether that’s volunteering to help with the vaccine roll-out, learning a new skill or, like one team member, crocheting adorable teddies for NHS staff!