That’s (puppet) show business

Our consummate crafter Lucy Heath is ticking all the boxes with this original and ingenious autumn puppet show…


Creative, crafty activity that will entertain the little ones? Check.

Celebrating autumn and spending quality time together outdoors? Check.

Can be done almost anywhere and costs virtually nothing? Check.

My favourite season

“And just like that, we find ourselves in the midst of that elusive Indian summer we dreamt about back in August, foreheads pressed woefully against rain-lashed window panes.

So far, autumn has been filled with golden sunshine, apples turning crimson on the trees and even a few days for running barefoot in the garden. From now until the chill of winter arrives, autumn weekend are for walks in the woods, nature trails and embracing the last smiles of summer. Is there anything not to love about days which start with a slight nip in the air and a whisper of frost on the ground, but end with the garden bathed in burnished sunlight?

For outdoor crafters, activity fans and nature lovers, it’s perfection.

Children adore autumn – it’s the smuggler’s cove of the seasons with treasures for collecting hidden everywhere; leaves of every shade of orange and red, conkers, acorns, pine cones and flying helicopter sycamore seeds.

This weekend, why not try this simple nature craft using materials scavenged from the ground and perform your very own leaf puppet show?

We’re going on a leaf hunt

Make the foraging part of the fun by setting your little ones challenges. Who can find the biggest leaf, the most different types of leaves, the brightest coloured leaf?

Becoming the puppetmaster 

Get as creative as you like – raid all those old leftover craft supplied for stickers and glitter and poster paints and, of course, googly eyes. Will your little ones choose a leaf family, recreate their group of school friends or make a gang of one-eyed monster puppets?

Curtain up

Use a lolly stick and sticky tape to secure your puppet in place. No need for lots of messy glue, so even tiny ones can be part of the show preparations. A garden (or park) bench is the perfect stage for your children’s masterpiece, and the hiding-behind-the-bench-part tends to go down well. Call your family and friends around because it’s showtime! Dancing across the top of the bench, funny voices and madcap adventures – what imaginary tales will you and your family dream up?”

If you’d like to read more from Lucy, take a look at her website,, and keep your eyes peeled for further craft inspirations from her in the future, right here on Under the Treetops.

For now, I’m sure yew’ll be overwhELMingly releafed about the lack of acorny puns in this piece, and that’s oakay with me.

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