Baby hedgehogs make their new home at Woburn Forest

Peanut the hedgehog has some new friends: baby Willow and baby Bobby

Baby hedgehogs
Baby hedgehogs
Baby hedgehogs
Baby hedgehogs


Remember back in spring when we introduced Peanut the hedgehog who’d been looked after by the team at Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital, before being released into her new home at Woburn Forest?

Well you’ll be pleased to know that Peanut and the rest of her hedgehog cohorts have been getting on famously at Woburn Forest after making their own way in the woodland.

Hedgehog Hospital manager Natasha was so happy with the environment and the work done by the ranger team at Woburn Forest that she came back again this summer, and this time, she had baby hoglets with her…

Willow and Bobby were amongst the prickle of young hedgehogs being released last week. Just three months old, they have both been nursed back to health at Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital until they were strong enough to make a temporary home in the specially-built hedgehog enclosure at Woburn Forest.

After a couple of weeks, ranger Lucie Vicentijevic will open the enclosure’s doors and the hedgehogs will be free to explore the forest and get ready to hibernate over the winter.

We’ve worked closely with Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital since last year, when Woburn Forest was first designated as an official hedgehog release site. It met all of Natasha’s high standards for a release site due to the diverse natural environment and thriving ecology.

Helping little Willow and Bobby into their new home, Natasha said: “It’s a bittersweet day to say goodbye to these hoglets as we’ve become quite attached to them, but we’re excited for them to discover the world. We’ve managed a hedgehog rehabilitation programme for the last 25 years and working with Center Parcs Woburn Forest allows us to offer a safe haven for the baby hedgehogs.”

For now, Willow and Bobby will live in the safety of their enclosure (complete with its own tiny hedgehog-sized Center Parcs Lodges) while they get used to the environment. Even after they’re released, Lucie and the ranger team will continue to keep an eye on the little hoglets through their regular wildlife surveys.

If you’d like to find out how you can do best by any baby hedgehogs you may come across, take a look at Natasha’s tips for being hedgehog-friendly.

Book a family forest break at Woburn Forest and see if you can spot Peanut and her friends.

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