You won’t believe how brilliant this letter from a nine-year-old is

Here at Center Parcs, one of the things that keeps us going (apart from all the buckets of tea) is hearing first-hand from our guests how much you love your breaks with us.


You tell us in person on the Village, on Facebook and Twitter, you send lovely emails and, sometimes, you write the old-fashioned way.

Ask anyone, from the BBC to the New York Times, and they’ll tell you that letter writing is dead. They’ll say that today’s children will never own fancy correspondence paper or feel the misery of a leaking fountain pen or even know what a bureau is (actually, I’m not 100 per cent clear on what a bureau is).

Enter: one very remarkable nine-year-old named Ella.

Ella Peart from Surrey sent us a beautiful hand-written letter, telling us about the lovely breaks she and her family enjoy at Elveden Forest each year, and let us into a truly wonderful family tradition they share.

“Every year,” writes Ella, “my brother and I have a competition to see who can create the most original Center Parcs magazine before our annual trip to Elveden Forest. This year, my brother Kieran decided not to participate. Therefore, there was only one clear winner…me!”

“We are always excited to receive our latest copy of Village Life, I hope you are also as impressed by mine.”

We were, Ella! We were blown away by the incredible handmade magazine, which has information about lodges, the Subtropical Swimming Paradise, Aqua Sana and activities, all expertly rendered in coloured pens, paint, stickers and sparkles.

All the way to the top

Of course, post this brilliant had to be passed around. It even made its way to Center Parcs CEO, Martin Dalby. Martin said: “This is wonderful. It’s clear how much work Ella has put into it and how talented she must be. It’s an excellent representation of everything Center Parcs is about.”

We’ve been in touch with Ella’s family and will be writing back to thank her personally for sending us her amazing work. We’ve also asked if she’d like to write for us again, so keep an eye out for our youngest ever guest reviewer!

If you’d like to get in touch with us at Center Parcs, we’d love to hear from you. Here’s how:

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