Can you escape our new Locked In A Room activity?

Join forces with your friends and family and race against the clock in an immersive escape the room activity


Locked In A Room is a new activity exclusively at Longleat Forest, located in the heart of the Village Square.

For escape room lovers or those that have an hour to spare, put your skills to the test and embark on an adventure to solve clues in the hopes you will beat the clock to escape the locked room in time.


If you dare, gather your team and enter the more difficult locked room, Parallax. You will be transported to the hideout of some kidnappers, tasked to solve the mysterious kidnapping of the time travelling genius Professor Pottenger. Frantically solve clues in 60 minutes or less to set your team and the professor free.


Become transformed into respected scientists and work together as a team with your friends and family on a secret laboratory project to uncover the secrets of your fellow scientist Professor Pottenger in the medium difficulty room, TimeLock. Solve the clues and figure out the professor’s secrets to escape – the question is, can your team beat the clock?

Parental guidance is required to participate in this activity, and only children aged 8 + can take part in this immersive escape room activity.

Think you have what it takes to escape the room? Take a look at our Locked In A Room activity here.

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