Handy tips for your pre-school break

Whether you’ve been several times or you’re first-time visitors, here’s our handy tips for bringing the little ones to Center Parcs

Off-Road Explorers
Off-Road Explorers
Off-Road Explorers
Off-Road Explorers

Trying to remember everything, trying to fit it all in the car and the “Are we there yet?” journey can be anything but a relaxing start to your break. But don’t despair because Center Parcs has got everything covered!

Feel at home

Our lodges and hotel rooms come fully equipped with everything you’ll need for your little ones, including a cot and highchair and plenty of living space for them to roam around in. If you’re in a two-story lodge, there’s a stair gate at both the top and bottom of the stairs, so you know they can explore the lodge safely.

Forgotten something?

Left the Tommee Tippee at home? ParcMarket has a stock of lots of toddler and infant accessories, so if you forget something at home, chances are you’ll get a replacement at the ParcMarket. They even stock big brands like Pampers and Ella’s Kitchen so you’re never far from everything your little one might need.

No swimming gear? Aquatique has all the swimming essentials from toys and inflatables to nappies and swimming costumes.

Forgot their favourite toy? Just Kids is a paradise for every young person, from cuddly toys and puzzles to picture books and trains, you’ll be able to find something to keep them entertained.

Family Feasts

There’s free baby food in all of our restaurants, and bottle-warming facilities are also available – just head to the baby station or ask a member of staff for help.

For the toddlers and beyond there are lots of options available to keep them food happy. Our children’s menus are full of healthy and tasty dishes or some restaurants offer half portions – so they can eat just like you. Huck’s American Bar and Grill offer a children’s buffet so they can help themselves.

Some of our restaurants also have soft play areas and activity sheets to keep your little ones entertained while they wait.

Try something new together

Whatever the weather, there’s something to do with your little ones at Center Parcs. From exploring the acres of forest to trying something new – for both your little ones and you.

From Mini Trek and Off-Road Explorers to Pottery Painting and a Teddy Bears Picnic, there’s plenty for your little ones to get their hands into.

Book your Center Parcs break to discover big moments for little ones on a family getaway.

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