Center Parcs gets seal of approval at Tommy’s Awards

We won! Parents have voted Center Parcs as Best UK Holiday Provider at the Tommy’s Awards for the 12th consecutive year, while Super Sibling is revealed


Earlier this year 20,000 parents voted for their favourite family-friendly companies in a range of categories. We’re delighted to announce that Center Parcs has been awarded Best UK Holiday provider, for offering holidays that are hassle-free and suit all shapes, sizes and ages of families.

But we weren’t the only ones who were awarded during the Tommy’s Awards, held in London. Center Parcs is proud to sponsor the Super Sibling Award, which this year was given to five-year old Harry Carter from Burnley. The Super Sibling Award is for little heroes who have helped when their families were touched by pregnancy complications or the loss of a baby.

This year, five-year-old Harry Carter was named Super Sibling for the maturity and kindness he showed when his baby brother, Finlay, was born 14 weeks prematurely. Parents Sarah and Michael spent eight-and-a-half months moving back and forth between their local hospital and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool as Finlay was diagnosed with bronchomalacia, a narrowing of the airwaves.

Brave big brother
During this time, older brother Harry was very brave and was nominated by mum Sarah for the Center Parcs Super Sibling Award to let him know how proud she is of him. Harry first met Finlay at five days old and chose one of his own cuddly toys to watch over him; it even accompanied him to surgery and now sits at the bottom of Finlay’s cot every night.

Throughout the tricky months with Finlay in hospital, Harry never complained, making friends with the nurses and other families on the high dependency unit. Now that Finlay is back home, his big brother watches over him to make sure he doesn’t pull out his breathing apparatus, which Harry calls his ‘energy boost machine’ – though he is quick to tell mum and dad when it is time to take off the mask so he can give Finlay a kiss!

Sarah says: “When Michael and I were down, Harry would always pick us up. He would climb on my knee and cuddle me and say everything is going to be okay. He just knew that extra hug and being extra good would make a difference.

“He coped with a lot when Finlay was born and he was the perfect big brother, even to the point of keeping his parents very sane. We needed to tell him how proud we are of him.”

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