Childhood holidays are top trips for Brits

A study reveals Brits are suckers for childhood holiday nostalgia, and there's no place like home..


It appears that when it comes to holiday destinations, we Brits are a misty-eyed, nostalgic bunch. Over a third of us have returned to our favourite childhood holiday spot in the last 5 years, a TripAdvisor survey of over 5,000 UK travellers reveals.

And for most of us – over 80 per cent – those favourite holiday spots are right here in the UK, proving that Blighty is best and the ‘staycation’ is here to stay.

“For many of us, our favourite memories as a child are often from when we were on holiday, so perhaps it is no surprise that so many of us relive those holidays again as adults,” commented James Kay, a spokesperson for TripAdvisor. “But what is interesting is that when we do return, we often find new things to fall in love with.”

Encouragingly, an overwhelming 86 per cent of those who had revisited a favourite childhood holiday spot in the last five years said that it had lived up to all their glowing memories.

And we love nothing more than sharing those old memories with spouses, partners and children. The most popular reason given for returning to old holiday haunts was to share those special experiences with a significant other, and of the parents who were asked, nearly half have taken children back to their own favourite spots. Of those who took children, three quarters said the little ones enjoyed the trip as much as they had done as a child.

Interestingly, half of parents say they feel family holidays are safer now than when they were a child, and nearly three quarters feel there are more activities for the whole family to do than when they were young.

At Center Parcs, we are lucky to have guests who come back year after year, and share with us their stories of childhood holidays that grew into grown-up retreats. We have guests who remember running around our forests 25 years ago and now bring their own little ones to have the same adventures.

Do you have childhood memories of breaks at Center Parcs? Or any other idyllic holidays from when you were small? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below.

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    Jonathan Cox

    I have been staying at Center Parcs at least once per year since the age of 5. 20 years later and after working at the Whinfell Forest site for the last 5 of them I am still overwhelmed with a feeling of nostalgia and positivity when I walk through the stunning forest countryside each morning on my way to work. My parents still love to stay at Center Parcs each year even now that their two boys are grow up and so now I book a holiday here each year to return the favour for all those childhood memories my parents provided me through Center Parcs. As we are all only young once (unfortunately) I have made plans to travel round the world this year whilst I am at a point in my life that it is practical to do so. The thought of leaving Center Parcs to do this almost makes me not want to go. But through the friends and relationships I have formed with this company I have no doubt in my mind that I will return for work and pleasure!

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