Aqua Sana Woburn Forest: Why you’ve got to see it to believe it

With 12 years’ spa industry experience under her belt and an expert eye for beauty, Donna McKee was the perfect choice to lead the new team at Aqua Sana Spa, Woburn Forest.


Now, after months of work behind the scenes, Donna is ready to show how spa-tacular the latest Aqua Sana is. “I’m really excited. I’ve been here for months, being involved in the recruiting, training and planning, and now we’re on the final stretch,” she says. “I have a huge team who are all bringing their area of expertise. I have 44 therapists as well as a reception team and concierge, who will be looking after our Spa Suite guests.”

With a few small finishing touches being made before the grand unveiling, Donna recalls how she felt first seeing her new workplace. “When I first walked into Aqua Sana I fell in love with the reception area; I think it’s a really warm, welcoming and friendly area for our guests,” she says. “As I wandered through the luxurious changing rooms, I was amazed at the staircase, which is really the centre of the spa. Then into the World of Spa, I couldn’t believe how huge it was. I was really impressed.

“From that first walk around to what I can see now, it’s been a privilege to see it come to life.”

And with six unique spas, comprising 25 experience rooms to take you on a relaxing and revitalising journey, Donna can’t wait for guests to enjoy the fruits of her labours. She says: “Guests will soon be here and be able to try out our amazing experience rooms; they can have a relaxing time with family, or use it as an opportunity to socialise and catch-up with friends.”

For newcomers to Aqua Sana or indeed Center Parcs, Donna says there are three ways that guests can visit Aqua Sana.

  1. Short break guests: guests who are on a short break at Woburn Forest can come in to use the World of Spa, as well as have a treatment with us.
  2. Spa Day guests: people who solely visit Aqua Sana for the day, to experience the spa.
  3. Spa Suites: guests wanting the full Aqua Sana experience can stay in one of our luxurious Spa Suites and gain access to the World of Spa from 9am on their arrival day, to 9pm on their departure day.

As the opening draws nearer and nearer, Donna has one message for potential guests. “To anyone out there, whether you’re a regular spa-goer or new to the environment, you just need to see to believe our amazing offering here at Aqua Sana Woburn Forest.”

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