A family of hedgehogs loves Center Parcs too

We’ve discovered one of our lodges at Woburn Forest has been keeping a secret…

The hedgehog family
The hedgehog family
The hedgehog family
The hedgehog family

Just outside one of our lodges at Woburn Forest, tucked behind the cycle rack, a family of six hedgehogs, with mum and her five babies.

This is where the mummy hedgehog must have had her nest and raised her little ones there ever since. The hoglets (baby hedgehogs) and their mum were discovered by our Technical Services team who heard them scratching and snuffling around.

Our Woburn Forest Conservation Ranger Lucie went to check they were okay and estimated they are around 8 weeks old. With the dry, hot weather, Lucie made sure she left the hedgehog family some water and let the guests know why there was a bowl of water outside their lodge.

The family who was stopping in the lodge became quite attached to the hedgehog family, and with Lucie put out a pouch of cat food so that the hedgehogs were well fed, and the family could have an evening encounter with the hedgehog family. The bowl of water was then filled each day, and the family began to look after the hedgehogs like an extension of their own family, making sure the hedgehogs were all there when the family returned from their day of adventures.

If you have a little family of hedgehogs near you – either at Center Parcs or at home – in this hot, dry weather please place a bowl of water out for them if they are regular visitors just to help them during the summer.

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