Show us your outdoor adventures

We’re giving away family bundles for a great night in and great night out

Enjoy the great outdoors together. Why not build a den or go on a conker trail?
Enjoy the great outdoors together. Why not build a den or go on a conker trail?
Enjoy the great outdoors together. Why not build a den or go on a conker trail?
Enjoy the great outdoors together. Why not build a den or go on a conker trail?

Mud pies. Climbing trees. Bruised knees. Building forts with my sister. Racing around the street on my bikes. Exploring nearby fields with friends until dinner time.

These are my fondest memories of childhood – roaming free, being outside for as long as possible and making my own adventures. I’m sure there are some things mentioned here you also recall and look back on affectionately.

Fast-forward to the here and now, where tablets, games consoles, smartphones and instant messaging are at risk of rendering the next generation square-eyed and horizontal. A recent BBC article, which cited a Childwise report, stated that children now spend six hours or more on screens every day. That’s a 50% increase compared with figures from 1995.

Of course, the world is a different place compared with 20 years ago. Children are increasingly adept at consuming new forms of technology, while their parents are increasingly anxious – for a number of understandable reasons. Indeed, this BBC article revealed fear over traffic, going out after dark and walking home from school were all major worries for parents, leading to restricted freedom for their little ones.

Take part in our giveaway
This week, we’re challenging you to reclaim the great outdoors and share a photo of your family having fun outdoors together. It could be a bike ride, an afternoon of conker-finding, den building or just a walk through your local park.

Share a photo of your outdoor fun and you could be in with a chance of winning a fantastic family bundle worth £300. Each bundle includes cinema tickets, restaurant vouchers, games and more, giving your family the chance to spend a great night in and a great night out together.

How to enter
If you want to win a family bundle worth £300, all you need to do is post of photo of your family’s outdoor adventure onto our Facebook page or on twitter using #CPfamilytime. Terms and conditions apply*

  1. Hold smartphone in selfie position
  2. Turn camera on
  3. Turn phone 180˚ away from you
  4. Take photo of the scene around you
  5. Upload to Facebook or twitter using #CPfamilytime

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