Beyond 9-5: Day to night make-up for the festive season

Make-up artist Katy Gill shares her top tips for getting the perfect day-to-night look this winter, so you’re party-ready in an instant


Preparation is key

Plan your look early in the day for the best result. A primer will hydrate, smooth and protect your skin, while giving foundation something to stick to throughout the day. Use a pea-sized amount of Mii Smoothing Face Prep for the perfect base and a flawless finish all day long.

Strong foundations
It’s a well-known fact that mineral make-up has maximum staying power, so it’s unlikely you’ll need to reapply it at night. BareMinerals READY SPF20 Foundation is especially long wearing if applied correctly. Gradually build up the coverage with a brush, concentrating on problem areas to even out imperfections. Keep the rest of your face neutral, with a slick of mascara and muted lip colour. We love bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Miss Popular.

“You don’t need access to a make-up artist to get the look”

Vamp it up
There’s nothing quite like a smoky eye to create a sophisticated party look. To be sure that all of your eyeshadows co-ordinate, use a palette, such as bareMinerals Bare Wonders READY 4.0 in The Glass Beach, and follow our tips.


• Use the lightest colour in the inner corner of the eye and spread it out across the lid.

• Sweep the second darkest shade across the upper part of the lid where it creases, to create depth. Blend well with a fingertip or soft make-up brush.

• Pat the darkest colour into the outer corner of your eyelid, smudging it up and into the crease to open and widen eyes. Blend the shades well.

• Apply the lightest shade to the brow bone to highlight and give the eye a beautiful shape.

contouring-faceNatural contours
Women around the world are trying the latest trend and contouring their cheekbones to get a look like Kate Middleton’s.Thankfully, you don’t need access to a make-up artist to get the look. Just follow these simple steps.

• Sweep a line of a bronzing highlighter, such as Mii Glamorous Trio Bronzing Face Finish, under your cheekbone, into the natural hollow of your cheek, before applying the lighter shade over the cheekbone. Blend well.

• To thin your nose, run a line of highlighter down the bridge. To give your jaw definition, dust a little bronzer under the chin.

Add some drama
Lots of women are intimidated by eyeliner, but it will seriously enhance the eyes. Mii Defining Eye Pencil in Glint is great for creating a soft and smoky look. Hold the pencil close to your eye and draw along your upper lashes. If it’s easier, draw a dotted line first and join the gaps. Smudge with a fingertip for the perfect finish.

To complete your look, apply Mii Passionate Lip Lover. Classic red lips will be a key trend this winter, but if this feels too daring, sparingly apply your daytime lip gloss for some polish.

Don’t forget to share your festive day-to-night make-up tips below!

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