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With more than 200 activities on offer, it can be difficult to decide which ones to choose. Do you stick to the tried and tested? Or do you like to try something new? Each month we give you a deeper insight into what you can expect

Raft Building: will you sink or swim?
Raft Building: will you sink or swim?
Raft Building: will you sink or swim?
Raft Building: will you sink or swim?

As the frost of winter thaws and the days turn from bleak to bright, one thing springs to mind at Center Parcs HQ. The lake is open again!

If you have a short break booked from February, it’s time to hit the open waters to get wet and wild. Each of our Villages has a beautiful lake, offering a variety of exhilarating water-based activities to entertain both young and old. Some activities are tutored, which is highly popular with parents, including Kayaking, Sailing, Canoe Capers and Paddleboarding, others are plain and simple family fun, such as Pedaloes.

Water great time
Mick Stephenson, Watersports Instructor at Elveden Forest, gives tuition to guests of all ages across a number of activities. He says: “The Lake can become quite popular over Easter breaks; the weather gets a bit warmer and people want to embrace it.”

“Without doubt, the most popular activity on the water is Canoe Capers. Parents love watching their children from the sidelines having fun and splashing about. After being kitted out in wetsuits and buoyancy aids, the children just dive right in and get wet from start to finish, playing games and thoroughly enjoying themselves. These sessions are guided by a qualified instructor, so safety is always at front of mind.”

A raft of activities
“We offer a wide range of activities that cater for all ages – there’s something for everyone. Cable Ski, which is only available at Elveden, is great for people who’ve never tried it before. It’s set in a safe environment and all of the staff are here to give guidance and support. You can try it from the age of 8, but I’ve tutored guests over the age of 60 before. You’re never too old for a new adventure!”

For family fun in the water, Mick suggests Raft Building. Ideal for large groups, each team receives a plan and materials before building a raft against the clock – then the real test begins! He says: “It’s very popular with families; we can accommodate for groups of up to 12, but in large family groups we try to split them into teams – it’s great to see the competitive nature of guests, we have a good laugh and it’s a golden opportunity to try something unusual.”

Try it! Book your Watersports activity now, all you’ll need is your booking reference.

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