Take a look inside our Forest Spa…

It’s the one you’ve all been talking about, our Forest Spa at Sherwood Forest has officially opened. Fancy a sneak peek inside? Take a look at our stunning image gallery...

After months of planning, painting and building, our Forest Spa at Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest officially launched on Monday 24 April 2017!

The new Forest Spa brings the outside in and makes the most of our natural surroundings. Now open, you can discover six nature-inspired spa zones culminating 25 different spa experience rooms, including our biggest kept secret, the one-of-a-kind Treetop Sauna.

Take a look inside our new Forest Spa…

Forest Spa at Sherwood Forest
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Think a Spa Day at our brand new Forest Spa is for you? Take a look at what you can discover and book your Spa Day today.



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    Lindsey Hall

    Im looking forward to using the Aqua Sana this coming weekend, and seeing all the new changes, but I can’t use it more than once as it’s now priced out of my reach. It is a shame as it’s the main reason for coming to Centerparcs. I have been visiting CP SF for over 20yrs and enjoy it every time I visit, I look forward to bringing my grandchildren soon, but whilst I can enjoy the Aqua Sana I would like to. As I say now though it’s too expensive.

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