Four ways to get crafty this Easter

Need an activity to keep the children occupied over the long weekend once the Easter eggs have been torn open and everyone has reached maximum chocolate consumption levels?

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Try some of our crafty Easter activities that are perfect for little hands – we have created downloadable PDF stencils to make it easy as pie and even tested them with the Dalby-Naylor family on their break at Sherwood Forest. They got the seal of approval!

Easter egg bunting

Hang these strings of seasonal bunting above doorways and mantelpieces to have your home looking perfect for when the whole family piles round for roast lamb on Sunday.

You will need:

• Our special super craft stencils – click below to download
• Coloured pens, pencils, crayons or paints
• Scissors
• Glue
• Ribbon
• Hole punch
• Optional extras: feathers, glitter, sequins


1. Decorate and colour the eggs and letter stencils. Be as imaginative as you like!
2. Cut out the eggs and letters
3. Stick the letters onto the eggs as shown in the guide
4. Make holes in the top of each egg using the marks shown
5. Starting with the last, thread each onto a length of ribbon
6. Hang up your new beautiful bunting!


Easter chick mobile

These are so easy to make. Hang them from the ceiling or from budding willow sticks in a vase for a perfect centerpiece.

You will need:

• Our super special craft stencils – click below to download
• Coloured card
• A hole punch
• String


1. Cut out the pieces and lay them onto your coloured card
2. Draw around the stencils and cut out (Hint: You can skip this step by printing the stencil straight onto coloured card if you like!)
3. Cut along where the red lines are indicated on the template
4. Fold along where the black lines are indicated on the template
5. Fix the beak into the cut on the chick’s head and the wings into the cut on the chick’s back
6. Use a hole punch to make the hole on the bird’s back
7. Thread string through here to hang.


Easter bunny mask

Easy to make and great fun to play with, these masks are a winner with little ones.

You will need:

• Our super special craft stencils – click below to download
• White paper or card
• Coloured pens, pencils or paint
• Scissors
• Hole punch
• Elastic


1. Print out the mask stencil (it will stand up better on card) and cut out
2. Colour in and decorate
3. Carefully cut out the eyes and use a hole punch to make the holes on either side
4. Attach a piece of elastic to each side around the back of the mask to wear it


Egg hunt cups

Make the little ones work for the Easter eggs! These cute egg hunt collecting cups are simple to make and look great. They will love hunting for eggs to pop in their little cup – much more original than a basket!

You will need:

• White paper cup
• Pink pompom
• White pipe cleaners
• Googly eyes
• Pink card
• Glue
• Optional: pink shredded tissue paper


1. Glue your pompom to the middle of your cup
2. Cross over two pipe cleaners and glue them under the pompom for whiskers
3. Stick your googly eyes above the pompom
4. Cut out ear shapes and stick to the inside back of the cup
5. Fill with shredded tissue paper to cushion your yummy eggs!

Hint: Paint your cup yellow and use orange pipe cleaners for feet, a triangle of card for the nose and stick some yellow feathers to the inside for an Easter chick alternative!

A whole post about Easter and not a single egg pun. That’s a cracking eggsample of self-restraint…

Happy Easter!

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