Nice as ice: fresh fruit iced lolly recipes

Cool off with these delicious fruity iced lolly recipes that will see you through the bank holiday weekends at home


It’s a miracle! The sun has made its grand reappearance, just in time for the bank holiday weekend.

I usually find myself digging around in the freezer, hands blue with cold, trying to find a few rock-hard freeze-pops left over from last summer. But not today, because I have a stash of these lovely lollipops to keep us cool.

They’re made with all the good things: yoghurt, coconut water, fresh berries and chopped fruits.

All you need is an iced lolly mould. There are loads of different versions available, many of which can be found on your supermarket trip. The curve ball I’m throwing you this month is a chia seed version. I’m not a health-food-wagon-jumper but, intrigued by its frogspawn-esque weirdness, I gave chia a go. When mixed with coconut milk and a squeeze of honey turns the tiny seeds into a moreish coconut-y pudding.

These are so simple that they make a great little project to try with little ones over the bank holiday. Plus you’ll sneak some undercover fruit into them.

Blackberry and honey fro-yo

1450ml pot of Greek yoghurt with honey
Punnet of blackberries (you could swap for raspberries, if you prefer)

1 Mix a little of the yoghurt with some lightly crushed blackberries
2 Spoon alternate dollops of blackberry yoghurt with the honey yoghurt into your moulds, swirling a little as you go
3 Freeze for a minimum of four hours and run a little warm water over the moulds to release them

Kiwi and coconut chia pudding pops

Two or three peeled, sliced kiwi fruit
1 can of coconut milk
50-60g of chia seeds
2 tbsp honey

1 Mix the honey and chia seeds into the coconut milk
2 Place the kiwi slices into the sides of the mould
3 Pour the chia and coconut milk mixture into the moulds
4 Freeze for a minimum of four hours and run a little warm water over the moulds to release them

Pineapple mango popsicles with chocolate drizzle

1 large can of pineapple slices or chunks
1 fresh mango
150ml Greek yoghurt
Small bar of plain chocolate
1 tbsp honey

1 Whiz up all the ingredients except the chocolate in a blender and pour into your moulds
2 Freeze for a minimum of four hours
3 Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water
4 Run a little warm water over the moulds to release them
5 Place the pops on a greaseproof paper and drizzle over the chocolate
6 Place them back into the freezer briefly to set

Coconut water and fresh berry ices

1 carton of coconut water
Your favourite fresh fruit – try raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, nectarine and kiwi
A squeeze of lime juice
1 tbsp honey

1 Mix the coconut water with the lime and honey to your taste
2 Fill the moulds halfway with the liquid, add some fruit and top up with more coconut water
3 Freeze for a minimum of four hours and run a little warm water over the moulds to release them.

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