Happy Birthday! Longleat Forest celebrates 20 successful years

Today is a very special day for one Center Parcs Village, as Longleat Forest celebrates its 20th birthday. Two decades after first opening, the spot in Wiltshire was the third Center Parcs to be built and has since been the short break destination for more than six million guests.


The Village has welcomed six million guests during 7,300 consecutive days of operation.

In the 7,300 consecutive days that Longleat Forest has been open, thousands of activities have been enjoyed, millions of meals have been eaten and millions of Lodges have been slept in. Also during the past 20 years:

  • The Cycle Centre has hired out 1.8m bikes
  • Three million children’s meals have been served in their restaurants
  • The Pancake House have served 3m pancakes which, if stacked, would reach more than 38,000ft high – is 10,000ft higher than Mount Everest
  • Archery arrows have been fired far enough to reach the moon from Earth
  • The Land Train that takes guests around the Village has covered 900,000 miles – that’s almost equivalent to 36 times around the equator!

Longleat Forest General Manager Andy De’Ath says: “Longleat Forest is still as popular today as it was on the day it opened and I’d like to thank my team for all their hard work and dedication over the years. We now have a team of more than 1,300 staff; 32 have been with us since day one!”

The Village will be celebrating in style, with staff invited to enjoy a party, raffles and a bake-off, while guests taking a short break at Longleat Forest this week can mark the milestone by visiting the celebratory garden at the Village Square.

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