Date for Longleat Forest’s new rides revealed

After months of hard work and anticipation, we can reveal when we'll be unveiling the new rides, slides and water play areas at Longleat Forest this summer. It's set to be a scorcher…


Still not sure where to go for your break this summer? Maybe you’ve already decided on Center Parcs, but not sure which village to choose? Well perhaps this could sway you…

Because we can reveal the all-new rides, slides and water play areas at Longleat Forest’s Subtropical Swimming Paradise will be open to guests from August 16.

Here’s what you can expect if you’re visiting Longleat Forest from August 16 and beyond.

Tropical Cyclone

A two- or three-person raft ride with 142 metres of twists, turns and gravity-defying drops and added audio-visual themes to choose from. Already available at Elveden Forest and Woburn Forest, this is set to be one of the most exciting rides at Center Parcs.


Unique to Center Parcs and the first of its kind in the UK. Typhoon is a single or two-person experience that takes riders on drops and swings with an exciting light element you can personalise, travelling at speeds of up to 45km per hour.

Venture Bay and Venture Harbour

Already open to guests at Longleat Forest is Venture Bay, a water play area for toddlers complete with water spouts and pool, perfect for little ones wanting to dip their toes for the first time. For older children, Venture Harbour is a family water play area with fun slides, giant tipping buckets and spray fountains and will also open on August 16.

Don’t worry if you’re visiting before August 16; access to the Subtropical Swimming Paradise will not be affected.

Book your Longleat Forest summer break and be one of the first to experience these exciting new rides.

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22 Responses to “Date for Longleat Forest’s new rides revealed”

  1. Avatar
    Tracy Morris

    Sorry Center Parcs…you say that the swimming pools will not be affected but you really need to tell people that the first part of the rapids is closed. Just got back from Longleat and was very disappointed that we were not informed of this prior to arrival. Having to walk outside the pool and across a bridge is not so much fun 🙁

  2. Avatar
    Liz Bentley

    We were told the new rides would be open by Center Parcs Admin from Spring so booked our week’s break from 31st July. Our two children are bitterly disappointed to learn that they won’t be able to go on them. Another unhappy customer 🙁

      • Avatar

        Same here, told spring, then told may, then told “on final push ready
        for summer”, was a significant holiday for us now ruined by lies and
        dishonesty, if deadlines are missed by the contractors im sure centre parcs will have a clause compensating them, but instead of passing this on to the consumer, the people who have actually suffered, they go on the offensive and hide behind T&C’s instead of offering any level of customer service, disgusting.

  3. Avatar

    I am here now. You have to walk outside the pool (this is green and slimey, slippery when wet) then down scaffolding temporary steps into the water. We should of been informed of this. I would of changed locations

  4. Avatar
    Sara Sheppard

    We have booked for the first week in August and were not even aware building work was currently in place!! Not were we informed of this when booking or in any further emails or newsletters!!! I will be phoning in the morning to find out what is going on. It will be our only holiday this year and celebrating my 40th, I was hoping this would be a holiday to remember but am already feeling we may want our money back 🙁 🙁

  5. Avatar
    Julia Bramble

    We also just recently stayed at Longleat – the children were disappointed that they had to go outside to get to the Rapids – it was slippery and cold, and definitely affected their enjoyment. We weren’t told that any building works would be going on in any of the communications before our stay, which I think is particularly bad customer service given that we used the ‘come back soon’ offer so they knew we were repeat guests…
    I think the least they can do is issue everyone who has been affected with a day pass for their party so they can visit and try out the new rides …

  6. Avatar
    Duncan Dettmer

    So whats currently closed? And why is this work not completed BEFORE the school summer holidays!?! For the price we parents pay you’d think this would all have been completed before thousands of kids & parents arrive for their holiday.

  7. Avatar
    Kevin Curle

    We have never been to Longleat, as we have been told the changing facilities for the pool are worse than Sherwood! And Sherwood are best described as Grim! Has the renovation work included updating the changing area????

    • Avatar

      Wow people have high expectations! There is nothing wrong with the changing facilities for the pool area, more than adequate for the number of people that use it and I’ve noticed they clean up regularly.

    • Avatar
      Claire Welsman

      They are only as bad as the ammount of parents who throw rubbish and nappies on the floor tbh, or who cant be bothered to take their shoes off in the “no shoe” areas. We’ve been to both, and never had a problem with either changing room.

  8. Avatar

    Also booked specially for the new rides. Booked for 1st week August earlier this year as information said would be completed spring. To say our kids are disappointed is an understament…

  9. Avatar
    Sarah Brown Bennett

    Absolutely disgusted with centre parcs misleading advertising ‘open summer 17’ booked for the new rides and am not looking forward to telling my children that we were lied to and they will only be able to look at the new rides. Absolutely fuming and wish we had booked elsewhere.

  10. Avatar
    Chris Evans

    Just emailed Centerparcs with following comments….. see what response we get.

    We have booked for the first week in August and were not made aware
    building work would still be taking place when making the
    booking or in any further emails or newsletters until I read the email below
    today. We had expected work to be completed for beginning of August.

    I am very disappointed that not only are the new rides not ready for our
    visit but we will no doubt be ‘working around’ building work.

    As previously stated we had expected all this to have been
    completed for the English school holidays… no doubt those who will be
    able to take advantage aren’t paying more for the privilege.

    Could you please let me know what impact this will have
    on our visit in terms of access to pools and slides etc., I understand
    from comments below your announcement (link below) on your web-site that
    access is NOT as normal.

    We are regular customers having brought our Grand-children once
    and sometimes twice almost every year since 2008. This is at the least
    very bad customer service and at worst ‘rubbing the noses in it’ of
    those of us who thought the work would be completed by end July and have
    purchased holidays in the most expensive weeks off the year.
    I would hope that Centerparcs is considering compensation to those of
    us who had expected more and have paid top prices for the booked holiday
    during peak price dates in your calendar.

    • Avatar
      Sarah Brown Bennett

      Yep we got the exact same response, only had a slightly more ‘human’ response after I reacted to the patronising ‘sorry if you wrongly assumed the work would be completed’ I pointed out the tactless and insensitive marketing saying that it was completely unfair that the only time we found out that we would not be able to use the facilities was via a generic email sharing the opening date, which looked very much like a haha look what you could of had jibe.

  11. Avatar
    Chris Evans

    Got the reply to my email mentioned below:

    Dear Mrs Evans

    Thank you for your email.

    I’m sorry to hear of
    your disappointment regarding the Subtropical Swimming Paradise at
    Longleat Forest. As you can appreciate, this has been a very big project
    and has taken some time to complete. We haven’t been able to advise a
    completion date for this until recently due to the size of the project.
    We had advised that it will be completed in Summer this year, so this
    work is on target.

    facilities are open as normal, with the exception of our rapids which
    have a section closed off due to some unexpected maintenance work.
    Unfortunately, we don’t know when we are going to be able to get these
    back up and running.

    Such closures are covered in our terms and conditions, and I can only apologise for any disappointment caused by this.

    If you require any
    further assistance or information, please do not hesitate to contact me
    on the email address above or you can call our Contact Centre on 03448


    James Wells

    Contact Centre

    Center Parcs Ltd.

  12. Avatar

    Pity we were told this would be ready for summer, as advertised on your website and when specifically asked before booking our holiday, then when nothing appeared on the website we called again to enquire (and pay balance) and we were told it was in final stage and WOULD be ready for the summer, now it is ready towards the end of summer after our break finishes, AT NO POINT WERE WE TOLD THE NEW FACILITIES WOULD NOT BE READY FOR OUR BREAK AND YOU HAPPILY TOOK OUR MONEY, NO ADVICE WHATSOEVER THAT BUILDING WORK WAS ONGOING AND THE RAPIDS WERE AFFECTED.
    Very disappointed in false information and lies given before taking our money and even more so that we are told any ammendments or cancellation would be chargable as per terms and conditions, in a very attacking response from your “customer services” team, (clearly you have no customer service and instead choose to go on the attack with your customers who are upset at being lied to and defrauded) sadly and i think purposfully you have left telling the truth too late to change our plans in any case, extremely disappointed, very poor PR & customer service and a matter which should and will be taken further, you have been thorughly dishonest and misleading and shown a complete contempt for your customers.

    • Avatar
      Sarah Brown Bennett

      Agree completely, the response from customer services has been appalling. Very much attack and patronise. I think even if I had received an apology stating that the work had been delayed I might of been placated, instead I received messages stating I made incorrrct assumptions and essentially insinuating I was an idiot.

  13. Avatar
    D Gibbs

    Same reply as we had, and also told that they never said it would be ready Spring 2017 and I am positive the advertisement boards enticing us all to return for the wonderful sub tropical pool stated spring we were there last year. I think we have all been conned and Centre Pks owe us some sort of compensation.

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