How to make the most of your May bank holiday

May is the month of bank holidays! How can you make the most of an extra day on your weekend, whether you're home or away?


The last couple of sunny weeks have brought with them a very welcome reminder that summer is finally on its way. With a much-appreciated three-day weekend ahead, we have top tips for how to make the most of your long weekend.

Have a lie-in

Is there anything better than switching off all of your alarms and waking up when your body is ready? Have a lie-in and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the long weekend. After your lie-in, start your day with a delicious brunch. If you’re at Center Parcs, treat yourself to a delicious stack of pancakes at The Pancake House or a Full English Breakfast at Sports Café (outdoor dinner, takeaway or delivery only).

Cycle away

Cycling is a great way to get outdoors as a family. Why not choose somewhere picturesque so you can also admire the view? If you’re at Center Parcs, head to the Cycle Centre and hire a bicycle during your break. If you’re in the mood to solve clues, get your thinking caps (or helmets!) on to conquer our Treasure Trail.

Be at one with wildlife

Spring brings plenty of new wildlife. Explore the garden, visit your local farm or nature reserve and see what you can spot! At Center Parcs, your little ones can come along and meet our barn owl Pop and some of his favourite friends with the Baby Owls activity. Or why don’t you get close to birds of prey, and experience Falconry as you learn more about them?

To make some new memories and experience everything Center Parcs has to offer, book your next break now.

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