Meet the staff who’ve made Woburn Forest wonderful

Woburn Forest is turning one year old this weekend. To celebrate, we caught up with some of the wonderful staff members who have been there from the very beginning, helping us to shape the Village – and our guests’ breaks – from the ground up. 


Rebecca Miller – Starbucks Barista

“When I heard the news that Center Parcs was coming to my area, I had just finished university so it was perfect timing. The chance of an interesting job where I would meet lots of people was exciting.

“Being part of the Woburn Forest team has been something quite special. We’re our own little community made up of local people, and that’s a lovely feeling at work. I rave about it so much, my Mum wants to work here too!

“I recently got my black apron [awarded to Starbucks employees who achieve the coveted status of Coffee Master], so I really feel like I’m developing and growing here too.”

Mark – Head Chef at Sports Café

“I was so excited about my interview at Center Parcs. I was really keen to be part of the brand and it was something very different to the experience as a chef on the high street.

“I had never been to Center Parcs until I got the job, but when I first walked onto the Village at Elveden Forest for a visit, I just got it!  Walking into a forest with lodges and all that peace and quiet…it’s just great. I totally fell in love with the Center Parcs concept.

“It’s been a challenging year, but the support from within the business is amazing and we are now a really strong team. I worked over the opening weekend and helped with the launch events, and the buzz from those – I’ll never forget it!

You might think that after a year we would be sick of it, but we’re not. It just keeps getting better and better!”

Ausrine Kurpaviciute – Assistant HOD Sports Café

“I had been to Center Parcs a few times before Woburn Forest was announced. I had noticed what a great place it would be to work and that the staff always seemed happy. So when I heard news of a village opening in Bedfordshire, it was a no-brainer!

“Center Parcs recruit for your attitude, they really want to get to know you. Walking to work through the forest is really lovely – it’s certainly not your usual commute. When it’s sunny, the birds and singing and there are happy families with that holiday feeling, it’s very special.

“The guests are amazing. They’re different on every break so you have lots of different conversations and hear lots of stories.”

Carolyn Dunbar – Assistant HOD for Standard Accommodation

“Being at Center Parcs is like a whole new world on your doorstep and no two days are the same. Our first visit to Woburn Forest really brought to life that we were going to be part of something new and exciting.

“It seemed like we were anticipating the first guests coming through the gates for ages – it was what we had worked so hard for!

“This job has given me so much variety. There are different families on every break and you’re always thinking on your feet. I never dread going to work and I finish each day feeling good with a sense of achievement having made guests happy.”

Megan – Assistant Manager in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise

“When I heard about Center Parcs opening in the area, I was very keen to learn more about the project as it was perfect timing in my career. I really wanted a job that gave me a chance to progress and develop.

“My induction included regular trips to the pool at Woburn to see it at various stages during the build. When the rescued tropical plants and the water went in, it was a total transformation.

“There are 99 people working in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise and we all have our own expertise but we come together to make a great team.”

Chloe Proctor – Beauty Therapist Aqua Sana

“It has been a crazy year. Working at Aqua Sana is not like working in a salon at all, it’s more structured with a bigger team and a lot more variety.

“The most memorable time was after Christmas, when we had just pulled off a fantastic festive experience for guests. We celebrated the hard work with a glass of bubbles, toasted 2014 and let off some party poppers.

“My favourite part of the job is meeting people from all walks of life, learning about them and sharing stories, being part of their break and finding out how far they have travelled to be with us. I’ve met people from just down the road and some from as far away as China!”

Find out what’s happening on the Village for Woburn Forest’s first birthday here. For more behind-the-scenes content, take a peek at the giant masterpiece being created and check out our infographic telling the story of Woburn Forest so far.

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