Miniature lodge for red squirrels at Whinfell Forest

Even the squirrels need somewhere to unwind...


[Loyd Grossman voice] Who would live in a house like this?

The latest lodge at Center Parcs Whinfell Forest are a little smaller than our usual models. But that’s because they’ve been specially created for our rare, russet-furred friends, the red squirrels…

What are they?

This red squirrel home is a feeder, complete with two stories, furniture and decor. It’s inspired by the accommodation at Whinfell Forest includes the same wallpaper and fittings you’ll find in your lodge – in miniature – so  they too can enjoy everything Center Parcs has to offer.

It’s positioned in the fork of a tree and easily accessible for Jerry (our expert red squirrel Ranger) so he can keep the mini lodge filled with food and ensure the red squirrels are happy.


If you’ve been a regular visitor to Whinfell Forest over the years, you might have seen less red squirrels around the forest during your recent break. As one of the 18 red squirrel refuges in the UK, our Cumbrian village is a safe haven for the grey squirrel’s rarer cousin, but an outbreak of pox has seen our population take a bit of a hit over the last couple of years.

Fortunately the numbers are now back on the up, thanks to the hard work of our Conservation Rangers and Jerry Moss, Center Parcs’ only Red Squirrel Ranger. To give the reds a helping hand with finding food before the winter months kick in, we worked with Jerry to create a specialised feeder for our fluffy-tailed friends to enjoy. Jerry knows exactly how red squirrels behave and has made sure these mini lodges are perfect for them – he picked the position and was even hands-on with the design.

It’s safe to say the Woodland Lodge feeder was a hit, judging by these shots of red squirrels enjoying a nibble in their luxurious lodge. Roof climbing is not advised, let’s leave that to the squirrels!

Book now for a chance to see the red squirrels at Whinfell Forest.

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