New activities for little ones under 7

We have some exciting adventures for you and your family to try on your next break at Center Parcs

Nature Detectives
Nature Detectives
Nature Detectives
Nature Detectives

Wizard Academy

For who: Aspiring wizards aged 3-7 years

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Your little ones will enjoy making wizard crafts and spells, play games and learn some new dance moves. When the three-hour session comes to an end, grown-ups are invited to the graduation party, with many surprises and treats along the way, the newly graduated wizards can even keep their outfits!

Family Nature Journal

For who: Budding explorers aged 3-7 years

Where: All UK villages

What’s it all about: In this 90-minute fun-filled activity, our Rangers will take you into our forests to discover the nature around you. Fill your photo frame by going on a scavenger hunt, create a woodland creature, and collect forest textures and more in your nature journal. Our Rangers will teach you skills that you can take home with you and show everyone your nature journal.

Nature Detectives

For who: Adventurers aged 3-7 years

Where: All UK villages

What’s it all about: Find out what animals are in our forest and their habitats on our villages. Join us and our Rangers on this fun and exciting session in becoming a Nature Detective.

Find out more about our activities or book your next break at Center Parcs.

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