Otter-ly brilliant: pair of otters spotted at Whinfell Forest

A guest at Whinfell Forest snapped these wonderful photos of a pair of otters enjoying a dip in the lake


We love it when guests send us photos from their break – especially when they’ve captured something cute and furry on film.

So cue squeals of excitement when Sarah Freeman’s email, complete with magnificent otter photos from Whinfell Forest, arrived in our inbox.

The presence of otters is always good news at a Village. They’re still a fairly rare creature in England and prefer their habitats as natural and undisturbed as possible. Happily swimming around at Whinfell Forest tells us that the lake there is a healthy, balanced ecosystem with plenty of fish for them to nibble on.

All about otters

  • Otters love to play – they’re one of very few species that have been observed to engage in behaviours purely for enjoyment, such as building their own waterslides on the banks of rivers!
  • They may look cute, but otters are one of England’s top water predators, feeding on fish, amphibians, waterbirds and crustaceans.
  • Their babies, called ‘cubs’, are born in undergrown burrows, usually on riverbanks.
  • Cubs are excellent swimmers, taking their first dip at just 10 weeks old.
  • Otters use noises like whistles and twitters, as well as spitting, to communicate
  • There are two main types of otter: those that live in fresh water (rivers and lakes – like the ones at Whinfell Forest), and sea otters, which live in saltwater.

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