Behind the Scenes at our Pancake House menu photo shoot

There aren't many things that are worth setting a 4.45am alarm for. But a morning spent photographing (and sampling) the newest additions to The Pancake House menu is one of them...


An early start

If you’ve never seen the Sherwood Forest lake at 6.00am (and why would you? You’re on holiday, go back to bed immediately), it’s pretty magical.

The beach, which by 10am will be filled with children playing, parents relaxing and canoes launching, is empty. The water is still; the sand is perfect, raked over each night by our Boathouse staff; even the swans are still asleep, heads tucked warmly under wings.

It’s so beautiful that it almost makes up for the fact that when we arrive at The Pancake House at the crack of dawn for our photo shoot, the coffee machine isn’t warmed up yet.


Setting up

We’re here to photograph the new additions that will be joining the menu in The Pancake House this autumn. New stacks, waffles and omelettes. Whole new sections of the menu that we’re all very excited about.

When we arrive, Group Executive Head Chef James Haywood and his team are already in the kitchen, warming up the traditional Dutch pancake wheel and preparing the ingredients for everything on the shoot list.

The front-of-house team are busy making sure the newly renovated building, with its bright primary colours and airy vaulted ceiling, is spotless.

Something new

The first shots of the day are the brand new children’s dessert pancakes. As usual, it’s all very top secret and I can’t give too much away. But the photos on the left of James adding the finishing touches and Claire snapping away should give you a clue as to what’s coming.

Next, we moved on to the waffles and stacks joining the menu. Over spring and summer, our seasonal specials included a Black Forest waffle or pancake stack. Topped with sweet, juicy black cherries, whipped cream and crumbly chocolate, it was so popular that it’s being promoted to the regular menu.

The other new stack is still being kept under wraps. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. I dough-n’t dare tell you anything more.

Shaken, not stirred

The final shots of the day were the ones we were all looking forward to because it’s something totally new for The Pancake House

Again, I can’t say too much just yet, but these creamy, ice-cold favourites (left) will be winging their way to The Pancake House in October and we think you’re going to love them. They’ve been in development for a long time while our Food & Beverage team have been hunting high and low for the perfect fresh ingredients – only the very best for The Pancake House.

If these sneak previews have got your mouth watering, be sure to keep your eye out for the big reveal right her on Under the Treetops at the end of the month. We’ll unveil all the juicy details then – pictures, flavours, toppings, ingredients…

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