Staff stories: Margaret’s crocheted teddy bears

We’ve been hearing some lovely stories of how our colleagues who are on furlough have been spending their time, whether that’s volunteering to help with the vaccine roll-out, learning a new skill or, like one team member, crocheting adorable teddies for NHS staff!


Housekeeping Team Member Margaret Dring joined Center Parcs Sherwood Forest in 2019 after spending 18 years working in the Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) at King’s Mill Hospital in Nottinghamshire.

“After retiring I found I was bored at home and I knew some people who worked at Center Parcs, so I thought I’d apply. The first thing that struck me was how friendly everyone was, right from the moment I was greeted for my interview,” said Margaret.

However, when the village had to close in October last year, Margaret was furloughed and decided to start a new project. Since then, she’s crocheted 50 teddies for the team in the ITU, complete with scrubs and face masks, as well as teddies for some of her colleagues as well.

“I bought some blue ribbon with ‘NHS 2020’ on and attached that to the teddies, as a reminder of the year they’ve gone through and how amazing they are. I wanted to do something nice for my former workmates and they’ve all loved them – one of the nurses sent me a picture of her daughter with one of my teddies, which she’s so attached to already! I even made one in the Center Parcs colours for a colleague who was retiring!”

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