All your questions answered about our Subtropical Swimming Paradise

From rides and slides to where to eat, we’ve got the answers to the questions asked about our Subtropical Swimming Paradise

Hire a family cabana for peace and privacy at the poolside
Hire a family cabana for peace and privacy at the poolside
Hire a family cabana for peace and privacy at the poolside
Hire a family cabana for peace and privacy at the poolside

What is the Subtropical Swimming Paradise?

An incredible indoor water park located at the centre of every village, heated to 29.5 degrees all year round and decked in lush green tropical plants and trees, it’s positively balmy.

On your break, visit the Subtropical Swimming Paradise as many times as you like, so whether you take a dip in the wave pool, tackle the Wild Water Rapids, make a splash in the water play areas or relax in the whirlpools, we guarantee you’ll love it.

What are the Wild Water Rapids?

For the thrill-seekers and strong swimmers in the family, the rapids are a great part of any break at Center Parcs. Feel the current of the wild river take you along a thrilling series of dips and dives, as you journey through the outside of the pool and back into the comfort of calmer waters.

It’s not for the faint-hearted, but we guarantee it’s great fun that you’ll want to try again and again!

Is there water slides and rides?

All our villages feature rides and flumes in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise, which are suitable for all ages.

At Woburn, Elveden and Longleat Forest you’ll find our exhilarating Tropical Cyclone, a two or three-person raft ride with a gravity-defying drop. There’s also Typhoon, a two-seater ride with drops, swings and speeds of up to 45km/ph. Whinfell Forest is home to the Canyon Ride, while at Sherwood Forest you’ll find the Grand Cascade, both are exciting family water rides.

Is there somewhere to get food and drink while in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise?

After hours of splashing good fun, you can refuel at the Canopy Café and Bar, take your pick from burgers, salads, hot dogs and baguettes for a tasty treat.

Refresh with a colourful cocktail, creamy milkshake or chilled beer or wine, for an extra special treat, indulge in ice creams or Millies’ cookies to end your day in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise on a sweet note.

Can we all sit together while in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise?

There are tables and chairs dotted all around the Subtropical Swimming Paradise.

You can add a touch of luxury with a Family Cabana fully equipped with a TV, safe, comfy chairs, towels and complimentary soft drinks for you and your family to quench your thirst. Our Family Cabanas seat six to eight people at a time and we recommend booking them well before you arrive as they’re very popular.

Jump right into the fun at the Subtropical Swimming Paradise on your next break.

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