For your eyes only: a top secret guide to code breaking

Keep all your plans for adventure secret from spies and smugglers by learning a secret language to use with your best friends.

As part of our collaboration with the Enid Blyton association to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Famous Five books, and all things to do with adventure, we’ve put together a guide that will have you feeling like a super spy in no time.

Spies, secrets and cracking codes are the bread and butter of George and the gang’s adventures in the Famous Five stories. Now you and your children can join in the fun with our super easy guide to learning semaphore.


Click on the image to the left for your guide to semaphore, and don’t forget your download-and-print semaphore flags.

Now that you can plan out your next adventure in code, why not build yourself a top secret den or write your own exciting adventure story?

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