We’re teaming up with your favourite five adventurers

It’s 70 years since Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books were published. We’re celebrating with the Summer of Adventure, some exciting activities for you to try at home and, of course, lashings of ginger beer.

Learn how to build a brilliant den, indoors or outdoors
Learn how to build a brilliant den, indoors or outdoors
Learn how to build a brilliant den, indoors or outdoors
Learn how to build a brilliant den, indoors or outdoors

Here at Center Parcs we’re big fans of adventure. Adventure Golf, Indoor Climbing Adventure, Sensory Adventure…or simply finding your own adventures in our hundreds of acres of forest.

But we also know from a recent survey that playing on devices and watching films are sadly both more popular with children today than playing outside (83% vs 63%). Children are spending less time adventuring outdoors than their parents’ generation did.

Well, we say it’s time to get outdoors again. It’s time to be inspired by four plucky children, Julian, Dick, Anne and George, and their faithful dog Timmy, whose commitment to quests and escapades knew no bounds. Whether they were foiling spies, catching smugglers or defeating kidnappers, the Famous Five were always enjoying adventures together on Kirrin Island.

To put the spark of adventure back into our children’s lives, we’re celebrating the Enid Blyton Summer of Adventure, culminating on 11th August with the first ever official Adventure Day.

We want children up and down the country to turn off the TV, put down the iPad and spend some quality time outdoors with their friends and family. And to help inspire you, we’re bringing you three great new ideas for how to do just that:

Happy Adventuring!

To mark 70 years since Enid Blyton wrote her Famous Five books, the stories have been re-released with new covers created by some of the country’s most beloved illustrators, including Shirley Hughes, Polly Dunbar and Babette Cole.

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