Your insight into the build of Longford Forest

Our new village in Ireland – Longford Forest – is opening 29 July 2019, and we are currently making the final finishing touches. Take a look at the progress we’ve made on the construction of our very first Irish village


June 2019

Be one of the first in the forest! Guests can now book to arrive from 29 July 2019 and we are ready to welcome you. We are making the final finishing touches to your brand-new, year-round, forest resort, why not book your break now?

May 2019

April 2019

It’s springtime in the forest and the resort is transforming, not only with leaves on trees and new wildlife but we have our latest video update from Longford Forest. Step into the resort and see the progress we’ve made.

March 2019

January 2019

December 2018

November 2018

The first peek at Longford Forest’s Arrivals Lodge, which will see thousands of guests each year. Progress on each building continues and small changes can be seen, with more of the roof on the Subtropical Swimming Paradise and Village Square.

October 2018

September 2018

The curve of the Subtropical Swimming Paradise is almost complete – you can even see the holes for the slides – and the lake is almost full. What a difference a couple of months can make. We even have the start of our beach, where the Boathouse and The Pancake House building has nearly been finished.

August 2018

The glulam’s (big wooden beams) on the Subtropical Swimming Paradise have been installed, and you can see the shape of the famous Center Parcs Subtropical Swimming Paradise come to life. The lake is starting to fill and most of the Village Square has a structure or a roof!

July 2018

Through the trees, you can start to see the village taking shape, with the Cycle Centre and the cycle yard which will hold thousands of different style cycles starting to take more shape, but we’re still waiting for the lake to fill. We now have structures for the majority of our buildings.

June 2018

The first lodge is complete! The Housekeeping and Technical Services building is also complete, this will be the main building while the build of Longford Forest continues. The lake has been lined and the lake bed added, now we just wait for it to fill as the build progresses.

May 2018

As summer begins the forest starts to flourish, the trees allow enough light through to the forest floor. The main buildings and lodges are coming on nicely and everything remains on schedule. Employees have visited from the UK and they are starting to feel the Center Parcs vibe as the village takes shape.

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