Meet Adam: Our Tommy’s Super Sibling award winner

With National Sibling Day just around the corner, we’re introducing you to our Tommy’s Super Sibling 2017 winner, six-year-old Adam.


Mark 10 April 2017 in your diaries as it’s National Sibling Day! To celebrate the special day, we’re introducing you to a very special sibling, six-year-old Adam Corry-Wilson – the deserving winner of the Tommy’s Super Sibling award 2017.

The facts are that every year, one in four women in the UK lose a baby during pregnancy or birth. Tommy’s are an incredible charity that are helping to tackle this statistic by funding research into pregnancy complications and providing important pregnancy health information for parents.

Now in its 22nd year, the Tommy’s Awards celebrates special individuals who have shown courage and strength during times where their family have dealt with difficulties during a pregnancy. The Center Parcs-sponsored, Tommy’s Super Sibling award, recognises superstar siblings who have proven to be of great strength and support to their family, even in their young years.

This year the Tommy’s Super Sibling 2017 title was awarded to Adam Corry-Wilson, who proved to be a big support to his parents during a time when they faced pregnancy complications.

Get to know their story and meet our deserving winner Adam, alongside his little brother Hugo, mum, Rachel, and dad, Stephen, here.

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