Where do you squeeze into our top ten hug-friendly places?

Discover where in the UK you’re most likely to receive a hug, and find out how you can win a GoPro camera and family meal

Aberystwyth, Wales, has been named the most hug-friendly place in the UK
Aberystwyth, Wales, has been named the most hug-friendly place in the UK
Aberystwyth, Wales, has been named the most hug-friendly place in the UK
Aberystwyth, Wales, has been named the most hug-friendly place in the UK

Fancy a hug? Up and down the country, from Aberdeen to Plymouth, we’ve been asking that very important question.

In the midst of a grey and cold January, there’s nothing that can warm the cockles more than sharing a big hug with loved ones. And, according to our recent survey, that’s especially true if you live in Aberystwyth.

We surveyed 2,000 people across the UK, quizzing them on how many hugs they gave each day, who they’re likely to hug, and how hugs make them feel.

Are you getting your hug quota?
The Welsh town tops the list of most hug-friendly places in the UK, with residents giving out an average of more than three hug​s a day to friends, relatives, and even work colleagues.

​Aberystwyth beat Aberdeen, Portsmouth, Worcester and Bristol​ to the top of the cuddle chart​, while Wolverhampton, York, Plymouth, Birmingham, London and Newcastle also featured in the top ten hug-friendly places.

The poll, also found we’re most receptive to a hug at 4.16pm and “need” three hugs a day but usually only receive just two. Eight in 10 of those polled hug their family and nearly seven in 10 hug their friends, while one in 10 admit to never hugging anyone.

Two thirds of people consider their family to be affectionate and over a quarter said their mum is the biggest hugger in the family – followed by daughters and then by sons.

Hug it out and win
Colin Whaley, Sales and Marketing Director at Center Parcs, said: “Britain may have a reputation for having a stiff-upper lip but the results suggest some British people are actually really affectionate and quite willing to express their feelings.

“Hugging fulfils a basic human need – even the least affectionate among us would struggle to feel better after a good hug.”

That’s why we’re encouraging families to enjoy a bear hug in our latest competition. If you haven’t entered yet it’s really simple: just take a photo of your family enjoying a bear hug and you could win a GoPro camera and family meal voucher. Details of how to enter are here.

Colin added: “As a Dad, nothing makes me happier than a bear hug with my three boys, and it’s great to hear that, even in today’s hectic world, so many families still make time to hug each other.”

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