Revealed: UK still top choice for British holidaymakers

Great Britain has once again come out as the most likely destination for a family holiday in 2014


In 2008, a phrase was coined to capture the nation’s increasing tendency to take a UK holiday or short break. Since then, the term ‘staycation’ has cemented itself in British vocabulary and has become a popular focus for the UK’s media, with reports in October stating that domestic tourism pumped £25bn into the economy in 2012 alone.

But why have staycations become so popular – and how much staying power do they have?

According to the latest industry report published by the World Travel Market (WTM), this change in holiday behaviour was caused by the global financial crisis. This had the effect of, as the UK tightened its belt, many families having to sacrifice their summer holidays. Holidays in the UK, however, are a more cost-effective way to spend time with the family, plus there is a significant reduction in travel time.

According to the WTM report, the UK’s Air Passenger Duty is set to rise again in 2014, which will increase the cost of flights. This could well be the reason why Great Britain has once again come out as the most likely destination for a family holiday in 2014 – more than twice as many highlighted the UK than Spain and France and three times as many as the USA, while three out of ten UK holidaymakers say last summer’s good weather will make them more likely to holiday at home next year.

The New Year is again looking positive for UK tourism, but what will you and your family’s holiday plans be?

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