VisitBritain set to attract overseas travellers to UK breaks

Find out why the latest Visit Britain TV advert has gotten us thinking...

The advert used well-known hit Feel the Love by Rudimental. Credit: Facebook
The advert used well-known hit Feel the Love by Rudimental. Credit: Facebook
The advert used well-known hit Feel the Love by Rudimental. Credit: Facebook
The advert used well-known hit Feel the Love by Rudimental. Credit: Facebook

Working for a company focused on providing great UK breaks to the UK population, I admit that I rarely stop to think about how Britain is marketed to the rest of the world. I think that’s why the latest VisitBritain advert piqued my interest so much.

If I think about it, when it comes to adverts aimed at attracting UK residents to overseas destinations, I recall the Discover USA ads – the ones that seem to feature most are promoting California. You know the ones, where a mixture of actors and Californian celebrities basically list out pre-conceived ideas of California, and then overtly play up to them? The advert covers off some of California’s most iconic backdrops, such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and Disneyland in Anaheim. I’d like to say that they didn’t work on me, but if you read my previous blog post you’d know I was lying!

Anyway, back to my point. It’s interesting to see VisitBritain’s latest advert which is aimed at attracting residents of China, USA, Brazil, India, the Gulf and rest of Europe to our shores. Tourism is a huge industry in the UK, worth about 9 per cent of our overall GDP last year (£127bn). Of course, this would have been boosted by events such as the Olympics, but according to their 2013/14 business plan, VisitBritain’s long-term objective is to attract 40m international visitors a year by 2020, which will create £31.5bn. That is a huge target, so it’s extremely important that the advert display points to appeal to the defined markets. Looking at the piece, two elements are strong, in my opinion:

  1. Music
    Using Rudimental’s worldwide hit Feel the love is a great way to hook viewers in. The UK has a rich music history and has some of the biggest bands in the world both past and present (and yes, I suppose I have to include One Direction). Tapping into this is a good way to ensure the UK is viewed as vibrant and contemporary.
  2. Landmarks and events
    England is home to some of the most recognisable landmarks and places in the world, so we’d be missing a trick if these were not captured in the advert as they are immediately illustrating reasons to visit. A whole host of these infamous sports is included, such as Stonehenge, Harrods and Buckingham Palace.

There is no doubt that Britain has plenty to offer to overseas visitors looking for UK holidays, so I hope that this advert successfully connects with its audience, as well as making the UK more desirable than its European competitors.

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