What’s new this month: September

This month there’s news of a huge new addition to the Subtropical Swimming Paradise at Longleat Forest, a magical magazine in the mail, and a visitor to Woburn Forest caught on camera.

Center Parcs CEO Martin Dalby reading Ella's magazine
Center Parcs CEO Martin Dalby reading Ella's magazine
Center Parcs CEO Martin Dalby reading Ella's magazine
Center Parcs CEO Martin Dalby reading Ella's magazine

Making a splash at Longleat Forest

This month we revealed plans for some fantastic additions – including two breath-taking new rides – to the Subtropical Swimming Paradise at Longleat Forest.

The new features will include an exhilarating four-person raft ride, with 142 metres of twists, turns and gravity-defying drops. The second ride will be unique to Center Parcs and the first of its kind in the UK. Made up of two rides joined together, it will be a single or two-person experience that takes riders on drops and swings with an exciting light, sound and visual element.

Also included in the plans is a Venture Harbour family water play area, complete with slides and giant tipping buckets, and Venture Bay with toddler pools – perfect for little ones to dip their toes for the first time.

Read more about the work here.

Badger caught on camera

What’s black and white and read all over? Our news piece about a curious badger caught on camera at Woburn Forest, of course!

The conservation team at Woburn Forest have caught their first badger on camera in daylight. September is the time of year when the team carry out surveys to find out where the badgers are setting up home for the winter.

Lucie Vicentijevic, Conservation Ranger at Woburn Forest, says: “There are a couple of badger setts on the Village. This individual was out in the day, which is unusual as they are mostly active at night.

“At this time of year they are taking advantage of all the food around, they will be feeding on crab apples, acorns and blackberries from the surrounding fields.”

Watch the video here.

Special delivery

This month we brought you the story of nine-year-old Ella and the incredible Center Parcs magazine she made for us. We were so impressed that even CEO Martin Dalby had to have a read.

Take a look at the full story here.

Red squirrel awareness week

With Whinfell Forest designated one of just 18 red squirrel refuges in England and Wales, we go nuts for the mischievous creatures all year round. So Red Squirrel Awareness Week was a great excuse to look at hundreds of photos of the cuties and even write a special squirrel quiz.

Haven’t taken it yet? Find out whether you’re a squirrel swot or if you’ll be left red-faced.

Coming soon…

The preparations for Winter Wonderland are really ramping up now. In October, we’ll be popping down to Woburn Forest to find out how the team are getting on with bringing the magic of Winter Wonderland to the Village for the first time.

As ever, you’ll get exclusive behind-the-scenes access right here on Under the Treetops.

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