Wildlife at Center Parcs

A Center Parcs break isn't complete without sightings of wildlife! Take a look at some of the wonderful photos that guests have taken of the wildlife they have spotted during their break, and find out how you can get involved


Red squirrels

Known for their rust coloured coats, red squirrels spend a lot of their time in the canopies of trees. Red squirrels are extremely rare, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to spot one at Whinfell Forest or Longford Forest.


Along with swans, geese are the largest waterfowl, even though they tend to spend most of their time on land.

Muntjac deer

Chinese muntjac deer are originally native to China, but were introduced to Britain in the 1900s. Muntjac deer can live for approximately sixteen – nineteen years!


Goldfinches are native to Europe, North Africa and also Asia. With distinctive colouring, many guests have spotted Goldfinches on their Center Parcs breaks.

We would love to see your wildlife images taken at Center Parcs, remember to use the hashtag #mycp!

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