Give your family an early Christmas present at Winter Wonderland

Rosy cheeks, dark nights and bobble hats can mean only one thing: Christmas is coming. For your children, it means joy, presents, advent calendars, time off school and, of course, Santa. For us adults there can be a slightly different set of emotions surrounding the Christmas holiday, most notably stress.


But there is a way that both you and your children can enjoy the festive period completely stress-free, leaving you relaxed enough ahead of the big day to power through the mountain of present-wrapping and turkey basting. Join us at Center Parcs for Winter Wonderland. Our annual woodland winter retreat began on November 7th is taking place at Elveden, Whinfell, Longleat and Sherwood Forests. Woburn Forest will have special Christmas-themed events kicking off from December 1st.

Festive family fun
At each Village there will be a host of festive-themed activities and things to do during your winter break to keep you and the children active, all with a sprinkling of yuletide joy. Your little ones can bring with them their letters to Santa and meet the merry man himself at his Woodland Workshop, while the elves will be toiling away to put the final touches on his yearly midnight excursion. Outdoors, you can meet Rudolph and pals who will be gearing themselves up for another lightning-fast, round-the-world trip.

But that’s not to say we only cater our activities to a younger audience. In fact, you could create some decorations for your house by making a festive wreath in our Willow Weaving activity, especially designed for adults to roll up their sleeves and get involved. You could bring even more personalisation to your Christmas by designing a stocking in one of our workshops. This could serve as a touching keepsake for your children to plunge their arms into on Christmas morning for years to come.

As you well know, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a lot of behind-the-scenes hard work – and not just from Santa’s little helpers. Take a look at the figures below to discover what it takes us to bring Winter Wonderland to life in our four Villages (Woburn Forest was still a twinkle in our eyes at that point) last year.

Last year it took 200 staff across all of our Villages a hefty 7,040 combined hours to get Winter Wonderland up and running. That is 293 days in total, and they say Santa’s helpers work hard…

Especially for you
We try to make Christmas holidays as special as possible and, as such, daub our Villages in 280,000 fairy lights, spray more than 3 tonnes of fake snow – we’ve still got our fingers crossed for this year – as well as set off more than 7,000 fireworks across 13 displays throughout the Christmas period. That equals 208,000 individual bangs, whizzes and crashes.

Of course, all this hard work would be meaningless if it weren’t for you, our loyal guests. Last year saw 195,000 of you join us for a winter break. Whinfell Forest opened its doors to the most guests with 51,234 of you spending a portion of your Christmas holiday at the Lake District Village.

Alongside this we have all the usual Village goings-on as well. So, if the weather outside really is frightful, fear not. You can still take the plunge in our Subtropical Swimming Paradise, which is heated to 29.5°C year round, making it the ideal escape from the bitter cold outside.

If you want to give your family an early Christmas present and want to join us this year, there is still time. So book now for your chance to relax in the warming Winter Wonderland retreat at Center Parcs.

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4 Responses to “Give your family an early Christmas present at Winter Wonderland”

  1. Avatar
    Allie Sommerville

    Have heard a rumour that there will not be Santa’s workshop for visits at Woburn. Surely this can’t be correct! There’ll be lots of disappointed children who visited him at the other parks over the years. Not sure how to explain it to ours.

  2. Amy Dickson
    Amy Dickson

    Hi Allie, thanks for your comment. Woburn Forest will not have Winter Wonderland this year; as the Village opened in June there was not enough time to plan and prepare for the huge undertaking. As such the Village won’t feature Santa’s Woodland Workshop. However, your little ones will still be able to meet Santa during two festive activities at Woburn Forest: Breakfast with Santa and Santa’s Festive Party. Both activities are subject to availability and availability may vary depending on when you’re visiting, therefore I would strongly advise that you book ahead by visiting

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