Woburn Forest cooks up partnership with local food bank

Center Parcs’ new Village, Woburn Forest, has kicked off an initiative to donate leftover food from guests’ accommodation to Bedford Food Bank.


The food bank, which gives three days’ emergency food to people in need, is run by Christian charity the Trussel Trust and is a vital resource to the Bedfordshire community.

Trussel is the UK’s biggest food bank network and currently oversees 404 food banks across the nation. As many British citizens feel the strain of low incomes against the rising cost of living, figures released by the trust show that more than 900,000 people received food parcels in 2013-14 – including 330,205 children – a 163 per cent increase from the previous year.

The partnership will see any unwanted dry or tinned foodstuffs left behind in accommodation donated to Bedford Food Bank.

A fantastic initiative
Sarah Vine, Deputy Housekeeping Manger at Woburn Forest, says the team are delighted to be able to help. “I think this is a fantastic initiative which the staff are very pleased to be involved with, particularly as it will benefit the local area with the great work that Bedford Food bank do in the community.

“As we often see in press coverage, food banks are being used more and more frequently to assist families, and it’s great that we can help to support this with the help of our guests who of course make the donation with their unwanted groceries.”

Of course, Woburn Forest is not the only Village that donates food to support local charities. In fact, the idea was suggested by you – our fans – on the Center Parcs Facebook page, which was picked up and raised within the company. It was agreed that an initiative would be put in place with immediate effect, with each Village donating leftover food to a local charity. Woburn Forest is the first Village to donate to a food bank, and Sarah is confident it will help to strengthen the bond between the new Village and its surrounding community.

Hopefully it will help further develop the good relationship and show that we are committed to the area, not only through the employment opportunities we offer but in our charitable activities.

“We are only in the early stages of the project, having had our first break over the weekend, but I am sure we will be able to provide some excellent resource for the charity.”


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