A room with a view at Woburn Forest’s hotel

Don Camilleri, Woburn Forest Construction Director, gives us an insight into the inspiration behind the unique and stylish hotel rooms

Wake up to a lakeside view from your balcony
Wake up to a lakeside view from your balcony
Wake up to a lakeside view from your balcony
Wake up to a lakeside view from your balcony

When guests staying at Woburn Forest’s hotel soak up the woodland views just metres from their balcony, or rest their weary head in the peaceful surrounds of their stylish room, they’d be forgiven for feeling like they’re a million miles away from home.

But the inspiration behind the new 75-bedroom hotel at our new Village did in fact hail a little closer than that – 850 miles away to be exact, in Tyrol Valley, Austria. It was here, in the snow-capped ski resort, that Woburn Construction Director Don Camilleri first conceived the design following a stay in a hotel with unique and striking rooms.

“Each bedroom looks out over the stunning vista – it’s the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning.”

“When I saw the room on a trip to the Tyrol Valley, I thought, this is it! It was such a good use of space and so connected with the view outside. The setting is the reason why you are there and it is that connection with the place through full length windows and patio doors that really make it special.”

Don adds that after his Tyrol trip, he was certain that the hotel rooms at Woburn Forest needed to feel connected to the forest outside, much like the Lodges do. “Quality Lodges with outside views is what Center Parcs is renowned for and is what makes our offering so popular with guests. I wanted to bring that to the hotel rooms too.

Unlike any Center Parcs hotel or apartment accommodation before it, the rooms at Woburn Forest’s hotel feature a very unique layout. The toilet and washing facilities are behind the headboard of the bed and are split into three areas, to provide some privacy. To ensure that focus remains firmly on the stunning view these areas are tucked away from plain view.

“Our Lodges are really beautiful and are created with family time at the heart of the design. These Hotel Rooms are great for couples and friends, with stunning views and so close to the Watersports Lake, our fantastic spa and lots of shops and restaurants.”

At 28sq metres in size, or 44sq metres with a kitchen, the stylish and comfortable rooms are deceptively spacious. The focus on freedom and open-plan living is something Don has been keen to enforce throughout the design. “The gap above the headboard, for example, features a mirror behind to give the room a feeling of space while reflecting the view of the forest,” he says. “Every detail has been added to give depth and connectivity to the landscape.”

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