Woburn Watch April: Your monthly insight into the build of Woburn Forest

Just weeks ahead of the Village opening, we're getting ready for the final countdown!

Can you spot the deer?
Can you spot the deer?
Can you spot the deer?
Can you spot the deer?

With an ever-growing list of things on my ‘stories to capture’ list, I decided to schedule a three-day stint at our new Village to ingrain myself in Woburn Forest life, as well as collecting stories, images and footage.

To my delight, I was told that the BMS – our photography and film crew – and I could stay in one of the newly completed Lodges. Oh yes, you heard me right, a newly completed Lodge – cosy sofa, soft comfy bed and amazing showers. The idea is that we test the Lodges so that we can troubleshoot before the first guests start arriving. I couldn’t resist opening the cutlery drawer to see lots of shiny utensils laying neatly, glinting in the light from the spotlights in the ceiling. Having searched for any issues, true to our task, we literally found nothing. Emma, one of the BMS crew looked a little disappointed: “Everything looks perfect,” she lamented.

The final countdown
Three days at Woburn Forest had us darting around photographing nature, near-complete buildings and staff getting ready for the final countdown. The last tropical plants were being bedded in, teams were busy paving the areas that would become walkways, Lodges were being furnished and thousands of native plants were being slotted into the landscape around the neatly nestled buildings. The beds around the Cycle Centre were positively blooming.

Having bumped into Don Camilleri, the Construction Director, we had talked about how things are going and pleasingly, he exclaimed: “the seeds and planting have really greened up now, doesn’t everything look lovely.” I couldn’t agree more! Even the presence of signs makes the Village feel more, well, Village-like.

Feeling the anticipation
We’ve spent 18 months sending out the stories within the Woburn Forest journey and I’m feeling the anticipation in the air. The moment I sat on one of the seats in an Aqua Sana experience room, I suddenly felt the ‘first factor’ – wanting to be one of the first to try the experiences and to tell others what it’s like. I’m a complete spa fan and have been to many in the UK and abroad with my Mum. I know she would love to try out Aqua Sana at Woburn Forest soon, maybe we could even move from treat to spoiling ourselves with a Luxury Spa Break in one of the Spa Suites. Fancy that!

The last visit of the month was only last week; the sun was out and the Village was looking amazing. Everything looks so polished, almost like the Village is a model, carefully handcrafted and just removed from the box and bubble-wrap. I know I’m biased – and I’m not young enough to use this word – but it really does look awesome.

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Jessica Marshall-Pearce

Since becoming the Woburn Forest Press Officer in 2012 I have had the privilege of spreading the word on our fifth Village, from the planning, construction and recruitment to the nature, local engagement and operations. Get the latest on Woburn Forest with my monthly updates.