Your #CPfestive family break highlights: Week 4

We’ve been asking guests to share their Winter Wonderland highlights with us. Here are some of our favourites...

Don’t forget, you can share your own photos and videos using #CPfestive; you might even make the cut for next week’s highlights!

Danielle Murphy shared this lovely photo with us on Facebook of her daughter Ruby looking enchanted by the Christmas tree. It’s little Ruby’s first Christmas and the family visited Woburn Forest.


Debbie Glass Harrison posted this photo of her little elves on their way to meet Santa last week. The pair are snapped outside the legendary musical reindeer.

Debbie Harrison

Natalie Duncan shared this festive photo with us on Twitter, taken of her twin sister and baby niece who’s looking rather intrigued by Rudolph. Natalie and her family enjoyed a Winter Wonderland break at Sherwood Forest.

Nat Duncan

Stacy Bains posted this #CPfestive photo on our Facebook page following a visit to Center Parcs. It was taken during her first family holiday with her 4 month-old baby.

Stacey Bains

That’s all for this time! Next week will be the last #CPfestive highlights post, so please keep sending us your photos and videos as we really do love seeing them.

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