Your guide to the Watersports Lake

Whether you set sail on an adventure or leisurely cruise around the Watersports Lake, the Boathouse will help you find your sea legs

Enjoy time as a family
Enjoy time as a family
Enjoy time as a family
Enjoy time as a family

Each of our villages has a glorious lake and a sandy beach, perfect for trying out a watersport or watching the wildlife. We’ve got activities suited for all ages and abilities, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a captain of the water or you’re still finding your sea legs.

Electric Boats

For who: Four to six people – person over 18 must be present

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Our state-of-the-art electric boats are easy to operate, offering a peaceful cruise on the water. They provide the perfect vantage point to sit back and soak up the stunning forest views, whilst enjoying a touch of wildlife spotting and the tranquillity of the forest.

Who’ll love it: The leisurely cruiser

Pedalo Hire

For who: Four people

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Pedalos are the perfect way for up to four people to capture a different view of the forest. Set sail on our Watersports Lake in one of our pedal-powered pedalos for a relaxing afternoon soaking up the sun.

Who’ll love it: All the family

Canoe Capers

For who: 8-11 years

Where: Sherwood Forest, Elveden Forest and Longleat Forest

What’s it all about: An hour of complete and utter fun and games aboard a sit-on-top canoe. Whether they pretend to ride the waves or simply enjoy the splash, our qualified instructors will make sure they leave with a smile on their face.

Who’ll love it: Water babies

Kayak Hire

For who: 8 years +

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Ideal for beginners and experts alike. Make a splash and build your confidence as you enjoy navigating our fun and safe kayaks. Perfect for both adults and children.

Who’ll love it: Those looking to try something new

Katakanu Hire

For who: Up to six people

Where: All villages

What’s it all about: Hit the water in groups of up to six people for this watersport experience. Our katakanus are perfect for those who want to enjoy the lake with friends and family. A great value experience for children and adults alike.

Who’ll love it: All the family

Junior Captain’s Adventure

For who: 8-11 years

Where: Sherwood Forest and Elveden Forest

What’s it all about: You will become the sea captain of your very own ship in this fun and interactive activity, so hop aboard and prepare to set sail. Be brave and bold as you head to the lake for an adventure with your adult shipmate to help along the way. Our harbour master will set you tasks to conquer as you navigate the water, but can you complete them all?

Who’ll love it: Budding adventurers

Interested? Take a look at our range of indoor and outdoor activities and book your next adventure today.

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