Meet the authors

The people behind the stories

We write as real people because we are real people, talking to you. We are a team that love to share amazing updates with our guests, being lovers of visiting Center Parcs with our families and friends too. Keep an eye out for guest authors on Village Life from our lovely colleagues on our villages.

Vin Gill

As the Senior Social Media Executive at Center Parcs, I love giving you an insight into our stunning villages through interactive content, so that you get a real taste of what to expect on your break. 

What I enjoy doing as a family:

My husband and I both have big families, so we spend a lot of time juggling between them all. When we're not doing that, we love going on holiday and experiencing new adventures together. 

Why family time is important to me:

Some of my fondest family memories are the holidays we used to have together at Disneyland, Orlando when we were young. Family time is important as it creates special memories to look back on. We still love reminiscing about the thrilling rides we went on!

My favourite family memory:

One of my recent favourite memories is when my husband and I were on holiday in Thailand, cycling through small villages in Chiang Mai. It was a liberating and blissful moment. Cycling in Center Parcs always reminds me of this cherished memory. 


Sophie Borrill

As Marketing Assistant at Center Parcs, I love seeing and hearing all the amazing moments from your break. I love sharing exciting updates and helping our guest get back to nature.

What I enjoy doing as a family:

I come from a family of runners, so it is something we all do together. It brings my mum, dad, sister and I together for one night a week to all go for a run.

Why family time is important to me:

Since leaving home it has become more prominent to make time for family time. It is easy to get caught up in everything happening in everyday life but spending time with your family is when you can properly unwind.

My favourite family memory:

My favourite family memory is at Elveden Forest Center Parcs when I was younger. We signed up to do Aerial Adventure but didn’t tell my mum (she doesn’t like heights) and surprised her. She was very thankful to be on the ground after but thoroughly enjoyed it! We loved going on holidays abroad or in the UK.


Emily Rushworth

As Marketing Executive at Center Parcs, I love sharing exciting stories and top tips with our guests about our beautiful villages, to make sure you get the most out of your family break.

What I enjoy doing as a family:

We enjoy exploring new places and enjoying the outdoors. Weekend wandering is what we love to do, going on walks with our dog Milo and of course finishing off somewhere for some nice food.

Why family time is important to me:

I love looking back at old family photos and taking a trip down memory lane. It’s important not to forget about the old times but to also make new memories.

My favourite family memory:

We have been visiting Center Parcs for many years ever since me and my sister were little. We would stay in a Lakeside Lodge, and I remember spending most of my time down by the lake making friends with the baby ducklings. We would hire a Pedalo and wave ‘hello’ to mum as she watched us from the lodge patio.


Andrew Regan

As Marketing Manager at Center Parcs, I’m lucky enough to hear all the amazing stories that come from our guests and the insider knowledge from our villages. As a dad of two myself (age nine and six) I'm a regular Center Parcs guest - we love the family time we get together when visiting. I'll share everything I know with you here.

What I enjoy doing as a family:

Every Friday we have “Friday Night Dinner”. We get dressed up, cook a nice meal, some cocktails/mocktails and sometimes even a family disco. It’s become a staple moment in the week and definitely brings us closer together.

Why family time is important to me:

They are my favourite three people in the world. You’re pulled in so many directions in life, so remembering to spend quality time with them is so important.

My favourite family memory:

Anything involving a holiday. The picture here was us in Malta, but any holiday where we are together is always the highlight of the year. We love a beach and a good pool… which is also why Center Parcs is a perfect place for us to go on a short break!


Sophie Milne

As Senior Creative Copywriter, it’s my job to bring the Center Parcs experience to life with words. I love sharing ideas and inspiration about all the wonderful things you can see and do in the forest.

What I enjoy doing as a family

We love spending time outdoors, particularly in the warmer months. My mum and I will put together a picnic with some homemade treats, and we’ll head off to a local heritage site, attraction or nature reserve for a day out.

Why family time is important to me

Since moving away for university and settling down in Nottingham, I don’t see my family quite as often as I’d like – so these days I don’t take it for granted and it’s something I always look forward to.

My favourite family memory

I’ve been lucky enough to go on some fantastic family holidays, not least at Center Parcs! There’s definitely something special about going down the Wild Water Rapids under the night sky - we never get bored of it!


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