#ForTheChildren like Nicholas

Young boy, Nicholas, smiling with a cake next to him

23 June 2022


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Center Parcs is proud to partner with Together for Short Lives, the only charity supporting UK children’s hospices and families facing the heartbreak that their child will die young.


This Children’s Hospice Week (20-26 June 2022) we are joining them in celebrating and raising vital funds for the incredible work hospices do for the 99,000 children and families in the UK facing the unimaginable.


The theme for Children’s Hospice Week this year is #ForTheChildren, which highlights the core purpose of a children’s hospice. Everything they do is #ForTheChildren like Nicholas:



Did someone say 'cake'?!

Nicholas’ favourite things to do are diving head-first into the ball pit at soft play, taking a dip in the pool, and running around outside with his brother, Thomas. And his favourite thing to eat… freshly baked cakes of course!


Nicholas could be any seven-year-old boy right? Except he’s not. Those activities he loves so much and the delicious cakes he enjoys are actually all things he treasures when he goes to his local children’s hospice, Charlton Farm, part of Children’s Hospice South West.


Diagnosed with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a complex and rare congenital heart defect, Nicholas' heart is critically underdeveloped and can’t effectively pump blood to the body. He’s expected to have a short life.



Providing vital support for the whole family

Nicholas and his brother Thomas have the best time when they visit Charlton Farm Children’s Hospice ...and they love the homemade cakes!


The boys have been visiting the hospice for six years and mum, Anna says the stays there have offered the family some welcome respite from the daily challenges that life sometimes throws at them.  

“Charlton Farm and the care team have done so much for us,” said Anna. “I don’t know what we would do or how we would cope without them. Nicholas and his brother have a wonderful time when here and the hospice gives us the break away from the daily drug routine for Nicholas, and also just a respite from everyday life.” 



Making the most of life together, no matter how short

Despite his condition, Nicholas is very active and he loves golf and tennis. Unfortunately he can’t play any contact sport as the risks are too high, but the whole family loves exploring solo sports to keep him moving and happy. And you’ll never see a bigger smile on his face than when he’s playing on the PlayStation with his brother Thomas, aged nine.  

Children’s Hospice South West is always there for them all – providing essential care and giving them the time and space to create precious memories together.



Show your support #ForTheChildren

Children’s hospices rely on donations to help children and families make the most of the precious time they have together. Through our partnership with Together for Short Lives we raise vital funds to support hospices like Charlton Farm, making a difference in communities up and down the UK. Do something amazing today #ForTheChildren like Nicholas and his lifeline children’s hospice.



For more information and to donate click here.


“We are so grateful to have Charlton Farm and without them it would be so hard. No one would want to need to have a hospice in their life but if you do they are just amazing.”

Young boy, Nicholas, staring with wide eyes and mouth open at a cake
Two young brothers, sharing a chair and the youngest sticking his tongue out at his older brother
Young boy, Nicholas, smiling with a cake next to him

Lizzie Jackson

As PR & Media Relations Officer at Center Parcs, I’m always hearing amazing stories from our teams on the villages. I’ll share as many of these as I can with you, as well as giving you a glimpse behind the scenes to see what goes into running a Center Parcs!

Lizzie Jackson