A breath-taking winter woodland experience

7 November 2022

A breath-taking winter woodland experience

We all know the feeling you get once the festivities come to an end, the Christmas decorations start to come down and it’s back to work.

Get ready to discover our winter experience, Winter Forest Lights (Monday 9 January – Sunday 26 February 2023). The forest will be transformed into a magical world of wishes and light, helping you to shake off the winter blues.

An enchanted winter playground filled with twinkling light displays, glowing lanterns and a sprinkling of snow, the experience has been created around our storybook The Winter Forest Lights. The book tells the story of a light-catcher, Luminessa, who lives in the forest but struggles to catch light during the dark winter months. One day, she spots a twinkling light nestled in the trees, so seeks out the wise owl Beacon. Beacon helps her learn that these magical lights are created from children’s wishes. With help from her pixie friends Glowbud and Gleam, they weave magical pixie string and hang lanterns throughout the forest, leading the way to The Wishlight Village. The new storybook can be purchased from ParcMarket on our villages.


The Wishlight Village

At the heart of Winter Forest Lights is The Wishlight Village. This is where you can meet Beacon the Owl; if you stop by and say ‘hello’ he will tell you all you need to know about Winter Forest Lights and may even tell you a joke or two! The Wishlight Village is lined with toadstools, and you can take a peek inside and watch magical moving pixies in winter activity scenes. Little ones can pretend to fly like Glowbud and Gleam with our giant pixie wing photo opportunity along with other fun family selfie opportunities to add to the memory book. Little ones can make a wish at the wishing tree and help Luminessa light up the forest. Stop by the Forest Fayre and warm up with a delicious hot chocolate and yummy winter warmers such as bratwursts and warm waffles in our twinkling Tipi, before making your way to the Enchanted Light Garden.


Enchanted Light Garden

When the sun goes down, wrap up warm and end the day with a visit to our free Enchanted Light Garden, nestled amongst the trees. Take a stroll with your family and follow the path through thousands of twinkling lights and bright bursts of colour, accompanied by a captivating musical soundtrack. There will be plenty of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ as you discover an immersive light show in the forest. The Enchanted Light Garden is open every evening from 4 pm – 9 pm, and you will most definitely want to visit more than once.


Winter activities

Your itineraries will be packed with plenty of fun activities, including our unique winter activities during a Winter Forest Lights break. Get creative in our Winter Cupcake Decorating, help light up the forest with Winter Lantern Workshop or get the whole family together to enjoy Winter Forest Discovery Trail. Our Subtropical Swimming Paradise is great during the winter months - heated to a toasty 29.5C, you will feel like you have escaped to a tropical paradise. For a magical winter experience, head to the heated outdoor pool and float beneath the stars and twinkling lights.

During Winter Forest Lights you are invited to watch our animated tale The Winter Forest Lights on your lodge TV - the perfect bedtime story. Enjoy a delicious meal delivered to your lodge from one of our restaurants then cuddle up on the sofa with the fire on and sit back and relax after a busy day. Our animated story will play every evening from 6 pm – 8.30 pm.


A special message from Beacon the Owl

Too-Whoo! I can’t wait to welcome you to Winter Forest Lights, Center Parcs’ winter experience. The forest lights up with all the children’s wishes making it so Too-Whoo enchanted! Make sure to pop by and see me in The Wishlight Village, you will find me in one of the toadstools. My forest pixie friends have been helping put lanterns up with their magical pixie string, and the forest is filled with beautiful twinkling lights – it’s mesmerising!

Any hoot, I must let you go. Don’t leave it too long to book your Winter Forest Lights break.

See you soo-oo-oon,

Beacon the Owl


Our magical experience can also be enjoyed with a half-term break.

Don’t forget to share your Winter Forest Lights pictures with us using #mycp.

A pixie reading a story to a little boy and girl sat on toadstools
animatronic Beacon the Owl in toadstool
Mum holding baby in arms and whilst pointing up at the twinkling lights
Pixies with green wings roaming the light-filled village

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